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After dancing with Michael a few time, I knew I wanted him. I also knew I had a husband and two children at home, but this young, black stud had awakened a vixen inside me. I took him by the hand and we walked out to the parking lot where my care was. I turned and we kissed passionately, our hands going between each other's legs. I opened the car door and stepped out of my soaked panties. Bending me over the passenger seat I felt the air breeze past my ass as he lifted my skirt up to my waist. I distinctly heard the sound of his zipper and a second later his hard cock was straining against my opening. My ass lifted offering itself to him without hesitation. I was already soaking wet and having his huge black cock was exactly what I needed. He slid into me easily; my pussy had opened welcoming him. I was completely bent over the leather seat as he pounded into me. My face savored the scent of the leather, my feet on the ground outside the car as he moaned behind me. I reached down with one hand to toy with my clit. His cock was hard, hot and incredibly thick as it banged into my spot. My fingers pressed deeply onto my clit, rubbing it hard to bring on the climax that I desperately wanted. Micheal’s moan told me that he was ready, I felt him shake as he let go inside me. The hot cum filled me quickly, my orgasm shot through my veins meeting his. Sparks of light filled my closed eyes as I held steady against the pressure of his body inside mine. We remained motionless absorbing the completeness of our orgasms for several minutes. I never saw him again but often masturbate while reliving our hot encounter.