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    I was locked in a Lori tube # 7 with extra bars and PA and a frenum piercing for over five years. "No shit"
    I am no sissy or anything like that. I told her it was erotic to think about not being allowed in my new wife while another has his way.
    I got both piercing and tube installed at once.
    I was thinking of something else was going to happen when I was hand cuffed to the bed. She was Fully dressed and a friend of hers came in the bedroom and did the piercing much to my protest and sweating. The piercing had no real pain with them while being done. while I was on the bed and cuffed they placed two scrotum rings about one inch each around my balls. the weight is what got me, they were heavy.
    Several months later she took the the PA out, and placed a larger ring through it. Then over four years stretched the PA out to a 00 gauge. I had the 00 PA in just about a year and a half.
    The frenum piercing allowed her to keep the cage on the entire time even when enlarging the PA.
    The cage and stuff was a surprise when she installed it, I had no idea, nor ever heard of such a thing a "cock cage.
    I later find out that my wife was seeing a guy since before we were dating.
    He was a tattoo artist at a local shop and it was his suggestion. The girl my wife had do my piercing worked there at the shop. I was told if I tamper with any of the cage or scrotum rings she would divorce me immediately. She did add scrotum rings as well, I think I got to about four or four and a half inches. She did several surprise inspection's per year.
    My wife got quite extensively tattooed by this guy during the time I was in the cage. I did not pick up on it right away but after a while I realized she was humping him also.
    After about four years of being in the situation her "guy" got a job in a different location, and moved away.
    My wife was shattered about him leaving and I spent the year and a half after still in a cage.
    Now before you say bull s**T or why would I stay with her, I went through a nasty divorce before I meet her.
    Excuse me but I was not going through that, once was enough!
    Well over time we worked it out and were still married after 15 years.
    She still wears the ring he gave her which is my Avatar.
    I don't usually tell people about this but you know a hell of a lot about me now. Me after 4 years.jpg
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    love your story and your PA and cock cage iam shaved clean and smooth like you too i even had my asshole TATTOOed pink so it would look like my wifes pussy!!!