No dominante women where i live

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    Its almost impossible here in Massachusetts to find dominante women. They all seem to still want the macho dude and do not realize us white guys need a bossy women, to take our healthy paychecks, emasculate us, cuckold us, humiliate us, abd finish the job interracial porn started. I knew the first time i saw the look on the white girls eyes why i had only been able to satisfy them oraly, why they all cheated on me, and that I wanted the final humiliation of being forced bye my bride to give up my access to her pussy our bed, and then be forbidden to even masturbate. Soon I was a happy panty wearing cuckold, that paid for thier dayes, bought her outfits to wear for him, Shit i was letting her drive the porche while i stayed home in drag doing houeswork. When she got home planted herself on my face, told me of their night as i ate her pussy and she squeesed his cum into my mouth, or emptied condoms into my mouth, for me to happily swallow. I came to love cum, i knew my place now. I wasnt man enough for her, not after we had seen a black penis in all its glory. I used to beg him for his cum, ask him if had friends who i could suck off .
    Once they used up my money and she submitted to him, they left with my car and she got everything in the divorce as i didnt contest it (not as long as long as he sent a friend to make me his bitch.
    I miss the cuckold life. I keep trying here but western mass seems to have no woman willing to dominate
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    I was born in Fall River and had wild fantasies as a teen. I married a submissive bisexual who I cuckolded while engaged, so we do exists (or did as we moved) in Mass!
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