new to cuckold

introducing myself and my situation here, I am new to this site, and new to cuckolding in general

I have a huge fantasy of sharing my girl with a guy with a huge cock. She is only 22 and very fit and sexy, I am 30 and average and I know my girl has had big ones before, because she has told me, the thought of it turns me on so much. But she maintains that size doesnt matter to her and that they bigger guys did not please her as much as I do. I brought my fantasy up to her about a year ago, and since then we have made a few dates with possible bulls, every one of them stood us up. I have no idea why, maybe they were fakes, or just chickened out, but here we are, still looking for someone to join us.

My girl is not into black guys, I could care less either way who she sleeps with as long as he is hung and respectful, but she is picky about looks, she likes white guys who are athletic, and will not settle for anything else. I notice that the majority of cuckolding is done by black guys, which is hot, and if she was into them we would probably have already started seeing someone.

I am not really into the cuckold lifestyle of humiliation and bull dominace, my girl is my girl, and the bull does not get to make the rules. I don't have a ton of rules that push them away, only that my girl remains my girl after the date, he wears protection, and I get to be there every time.

Can anyone else relate to me with all this?
are there any other cuckold men who like to watch their girl take a big one but don't like the humiliation or bull dominance?
I know this post was kind of all over the place, just wanted to introduce myself to the community I guess.


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I can relate to what you're saying, rgby. You should listen, however, to what she says. If she's happy with what you provide her, be thankful if you really love her. I believe a more indirect approach would be to go to some clubs where dancing and couple involvement is going on, and allow her to interact with other guys. Maybe at some point, you can interest her in a nice 3-some (my wife's alternative favorite), and go from there. But don't rush it ... keep the initial expectations down. Its better to get to know people before involving them in a sexual fling.

If she's not into black guys, that's her prerogative, but don't you think it might be interesting to uncover "why"? She may have a total misconception about black guys, or maybe just has limited involvement with them. I know I've listened to them talk, and no one can shoot the BS any better than a black guy, and the women LOVE that crap. Something us white boiz could learn a bit about.

But, I'd shoot for just letting her get exposed to other guys with you around ... a nice party scene might be good as well.


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Start out by going out to clubs or other social places. Watch her flirt & get attention.
Then when the time is right, go to the same place but enter alone & watch from a far as giys flock & she picks what she likes.
Let her get picked up & when they are ready to leave, she tells him about you watching or even just listening from the other room. Maybe if he is not comfortable with you in the rrom at first, she could send a video?
I like the idea of it naturally building up. Also, I think it is great that she reaffirms you do satisfy her. I think that is a good foundation for this to work for you guys!
Also, maybe you ir her have friends that she would be into doing? It is only natural to be attracted to others but still in a healthy relationship!
Best of luck!!
And it sounds like you guys are more into "hotwifing" than "fem-dom cucking".
If that info helps on your discoveries.
thanks for straightening it out, I'm not sure what the categories for wife sharing are, but I love the idea of watching her, or joining her with another guy, preferably hung. Reading about the Dom cuckold scene scares the crap out of me, imagining the sorts of things I read about on this site make me feel uncomfortable and sometimes angry for the men involved, but hey I guess they enjoy it, so to each his own, I suppose.


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You are welcome!
Like a lot of things... There are different realms & levels & boundaries. That is the beauty of a cuckolding relationship - you come up with what works for the two of you! It brings a sense of togetherness.

I have never had the joy of being a cuckoldress. But I know I can come up with some good ideas to humiliate a cuck. At first, I thought I did not have it in me to be mean but when I realized I could use my creativity... I realized I could get really into it if a cuck liked it.
To each their own & no need to judge!
I can relate to you for sure. The best thing that happened to us is that our first threesome experience was REALLY good!! He was hung but not huge and it just went well. My girl did not even think about black guys until i introduced her to the idea. At first she was hesitant but now she is all for it. We both dont care wether the guys are black or white as long asd they are HUNG and dominant. We had 3 or 4 white guys back out on us also, lots of fakes out there. Have not had one black guy back out yet. We have found it is hard to find hung white guys that are real!! As time has gone on and the more threesomes we had i found myself wanting to grab their cocks and put it in my wife or slap her face with them, stuf like that. At first I fought with myself on it but i talked to my girl about it and it turned her on big time so i tried it and it just added to our fun. I dont consider myself gay at all and am not a sub at all. You have any questions feel free to PM me and ill answer anything you ask.