New guy here, looking for advice... or partner(s)!

Hi guys,

I just posted a very similar thread on the other topic board, so apologies if this is spamming... I'm just after a little help and advice :) I just made myself an account on this website and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 21yo student in Nottingham, UK, desperately wanting to cuckolded. As many of you probably are aware, there's nothing much sexier than seeing your loved one getting fucked by another. So I shall spare you the gruesome details of my desires :p

My issue with exploring this area has always been the lack of confidence to suggest it to my partner. Sadly, the relationship is now over (has been for a little while too :p) and so I was wondering if anyone here has any advice, or knows of any communities I could try and get involved with that might help ease me into the lifestyle? Or someway to through me straight in the deep end... anyone reading this interested? :p I'm kidding about that last part... slightly... hey, it's worth a try, right?

So yeah, if anyone could help a fella out, that'd be much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch,



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What always amazes me is how so many men want this, and I know 4 married women who desire havong sex with black men, but their hubbies think it is disgusting. I bet there are many who hunger for a well hung black man.

I am a proponent of telling each other, while dating, about fantasies. Hubby and I did while dating and got engaged knowing we had mutually exciting sexual desires! Start sharing slowly during sex. So many hide their desires, then live a frustrating life.
Well... you have to start building that bridge mate. Get drunk, talk about kinky stuff. Ask about taboo things. WATCH PORN TOGETHER. Watching BBC videos is the #1 way to get your other person to show whether or not they're interested. It's the gateway. If this is what you really want, start the relationship knowing full well that it may fail when you mention your interest in these things. Protect yourself, but be ready to keep it going if it succeeds.

Edit: and if you're bi-curious or bi-sexual, tell them that from the beginning. It makes opening this door way easier.