Need Advice Wanna Be Cuckold

Hi so im 24 my gf is 24 and i've had the fantasy for cuckolding for quite a while here's the background to my gf:

Background to gf:
-We've know eachother for 10 years and been together 3 were both eachothers best friends and lovers so security is not questionable we both know we cant do no wrong to eachother!-shes even seen a video of me dressing up and just let it go as i laughed it off (this was like 2 years ago)

-She works a high paid job but it currently about to quit to start a business

-She's black and so am i and has slight daddy issues she really hates cheating as her dad did it to her mum

-She's quite submissive or more so i slightly overpower her im like 6ft 4 230 pounds and very muscular. She can be dominant but has admitted to being submissive in bed.

-Sex life is like zero but weirdly she doesn't seem too bothered we both are running businesses so its like we never have the time - we have tried but it was a mess i kept slipping out and couldnt get hard- we in fact made a pact to abstain following some spiritual pursuits we both partake in.

-She's had one partner before and she is not into anything kinky whatsoever but she has said that she doesn't know her fantasy so i sometimes come across super weird
when i ask to do certain things like ropes etc.

Progress to cuckolding

-Well i've made some progress in this year, my gf had to moved to new york for 4 months with family for work she's back next week.

-before she left i think i got across the idea of being small to her-how it happened was slightly novel- i pretended there was a quiz on a size and just asked her to rate my size against the guys in the quiz (i made the whole quiz up) but she participated and i came out smaller. I did this like 6 times to drill the idea. Im like 7 by 5 but because of my body i just appear smaller

-I got slightly over zealous in this and she started to feel i was insecure so she wouldn't want to openly admit i was small but i think currently its firm in our head.

-I had a porn habbit which i broke and i have informed her as shes been away of the methods i put in place in order to not relapse into porn. (I have gone without porn for long) ...this lead to me getting a chasity device my gf i quote said 'If it stops you looking at porn then keep it on all day" she see's it as a away of me not using porn as she says 'its cheating'.

-With one week left till she comes back she has consciously agreed to keeping the key to Chasity i think this is down to her really hating porn and not wanting me to look at it so its played out perfectly into my favour.

-I have bought her some sexy lingerie although we don't have sex we do all things in between and she loves being eaten out! Ive also let her know that i've bought a penis her previous bf dick wasn't big and shes visually seen bigger than mine but never experienced a big penis. The penis sheath is 6 inch in girth and about 8 inches in length she hasn't been opposed to this and in fact when it came i messaged her and she asked to see it ...i denied it though as i want to surprise her when she is back next week.

-Lastly we had a conversation via skype 2 days ago i voiced to her that i have been quite protective like there's been one time when a guy will comment on her instagram and ive lost my shit over it...i know cuckold repellent but my normal nature is quite laid back i let her speak to guys and keep guy friends and she even voiced how the time when i overacted it wasn't even like me which is true ,why i'm annoyed is that its still fresh in her head there's been countless times ive been laidback to her and guys ,just annoyed this happened in February this year as i want to start the process ! So i've voiced to her that what i did reacting like that was wrong-to which she replied 'yes it was' there was also a time when she complimented a guy she met (no sexual relations) before we met only problem was that we had begun going out and i saw the email thread of her saying hes got a voice like an angel. I told her i was wrong for kicking off there just to show her i'm ok with letting her do which she replied 'Thank you,you were wrong' although at the time she cried in shame as there was a little bit of flirting going on in that email. So ive let her know no more me being protective i told her i love her fully will support her with her move to creating a business and reassured her she can feel concrete with me which shes knows. At the end of the conversation we were going through ways in which i can show that i wont lose my shit if shes talking to a guy and i posed that wego to a club and she dance with a guy ...she said 'No im not your pawn' -how do i take this and what does this mean and what steps should i make next or you suggest...

Thanks in advance


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I'd say that she may be very much on to your desire and hoping you will stop. If she dislikes the porn, perhaps it's because she feels that it's morally wrong and not a way to control you?
You have two problems. One is that you have convinced her that the top 20 percent of men is below average in size. You are going to have a hard time finding a bull who lives up to her expectations. Second is that you have a woman who has a very sex negative world view. She is not going to want to do a menage au trois no matter what her fantasies may tell her about what other men will be like. She may end up cheating on you to fulfill her fantasies, but she is not going to tell you about it, unless you are lucky enough to have a buddy who will tell you what happened. If you can catch her cheating, you might get her to understand that you don't mind if she lets you watch, but more likely she is going to feel obligated to leave you for the other man, as she believes that monogamy is the only acceptable lifestyle. That indoctrination is a hard thing to overcome.