1. B

    Polish young guy curious about getting dommed and cucked

    Hey! So Im 21yo polish virgin that really ended up liking all this type of content. Especially QoS/cuckold/femdom content. What Im looking for mostly are perhaps some people to chat with me about it or sext, prefferably some females less or more of experienced. Idk what really more to say Im...
  2. J

    Getting Girlfriend into lifestyle

    27M/30F Just above Averaged sized white boy with a petite 5’1 Blonde Girlfriend with a big arse living in the uk. Been watching interracial porn myself for a couple years now and have always fantasied about getting my girl interested in BBC but don’t know the best way of going about it, would...
  3. MsKxC1.jpeg


  4. hopefulcuckguy

    Hello from a Missouri newbie cuck

    Hello. Looking to get into the lifestyle of sharing my wife with a black man…or men. Has always been a fantasy that I hope to make a reality. We have done some light sharing of her recently (her fooling around with a friend of mine while I watched). It was the hottest thing we have ever done. It...
  5. notblackedyet

    Female's Perspective - More than You Let On?

    Does your husband or boyfriend really understand the extent, and how much black cock turns you on? Are you becoming a qos without him even realizing what that really means, and how deep that feeling has become? Have your thoughts, and fantasies been progressing? and Even though this...
  6. L

    Rate me, who here would fuck me?

    Rate me, who here would fuck me?, just wanting a different opinion than just my husbands wanna see what everyone thinks.
  7. First Time BBC for a Hot Nurse While Cuck Watching

    First Time BBC for a Hot Nurse While Cuck Watching

    First time BBC for this sexy dirty talking nurse while the cuck is watching
  8. G

    Hello from Connecticut

    Hello there, we are a young Hispanic couple looking into this fantasy. The whole kink seems very hot to the both of us. Any tips for newbies would be appreciated. Thanks you guys and we hope to hear from all of you
  9. Red Lips & White Tits

    Red Lips & White Tits

    My HotWife
  10. Happy Wife Happy Life

    Happy Wife Happy Life

    My HotWife
  11. Shine like a daimond

    Shine like a daimond

    My HotWife
  12. white Caretta

    white Caretta

    My HotWife
  13. Hot Wife workout

    Hot Wife workout

    You can train but you can't hide that ass
  14. tits friday night

    tits friday night

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  15. eat my ass

    eat my ass

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  16. Bait for BBC

    Bait for BBC

    Looking for big fish 😉
  17. Hmmm


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  18. it's fridayyyy

    it's fridayyyy

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  19. Side N Slide

    Side N Slide

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  20. Hello Africa

    Hello Africa