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    I`m a 51 year old Married, I have a fantasy to see my 46year old white wife fuck a Black man, How do I get her to?At her Job She has told me of Black men She works with who seem to undress her with there eyes, And stare at her Butt, I feel she may love it deep down! But i don`t know for sure. How do i get her interested, I know She loves me and I her, I`ve always like watching Black men Fuck white women, HELP ME!!
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    I just posted a 2 part blog that should help.
  3. doc

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    Thanks, I when over and read the blog, I think it may help
  4. alsrx700

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    Is your wife interested in fucking a black guy? Does she know you want her to? You will obviously need her thoughts on the idea. Drop a comment on her..."oh you know you like it"...see where it goes...if things go well, take the comments a little further..."if you have sex with him, its ok, you just need to tell me about it after...and I expect a text pics". Do your best to keep things on the light side...she will by her reaction to those comments show you how to procede. Good luck.
  5. doc

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    The first Question, I don`t know, We were sitting around watching TV just a couple Days ago, Her Daughter was here, She was talking about her work(They both work same place just different shifts) anyway She said to her Daughter You know I like Black Men and laughed, and looked at me and said I don`t want one, I know how her daughter feels about Black men, She Thinks it`s sick for a white woman to screw a Black man, My wifes entire Family Feels that way, except her othe Girl I know She feels Different about.
    Ouestion #2 I have never told her how I feel, I really guess I need to if it is ever going to Happen, I thank you for your advice
  6. MacNfries

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    Lots of loose ends to your original post, doc. Is she currently fucking anyone else but you? Has she indicated that she would like to fuck someone else besides you? What are her feelings about black men ... positive or negative? Assuming all the answers above are YES, then a couple things you could do to perk her interests. One, get some qualify nude pics of athletical, well sized black guys for her to look at and compare to you. Second, go to your local adult toy store and purchase her (the two of you) one of the real cock looking vibrators, with the synthetic, real feeling skin, and all, and use it on her in your next fantasy play. Get her interested in wanting a larger hung guy. Most people associate black men with larger cocks ... this will help put the seed of desire in her head. It'll also reassure her that you are serious about your desire. If all goes positive with those steps, its time to go "fishing" ... in general, black guys are pursuing white females at a vigorous pace these days. Shouldn't be too hard to find a local, black stud that fits your desires. Hope you know what you're wanting. Mac

    PS ... by the way, if the original answers were NO, you have a lot of ground work to do ... before intro'g her to a black man.
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    Do you hint when she tells you about this that maybe she should have some fun with these guys and enjoy life?