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My wife says

All black guys like having there cock sucked and they all like to fuck a white pussy.but all the black men she's been with( wich is several) and I mean several. They all try to stuff there cock up her ass for some reason.she says they really like it when she sucks there cock real good and long then just spin around on her knees and elbows and says fuck my ass.she says they all will be working his cock head up her ass real quick.never mind the pussy get that cock in that ass and fuck it.
I only ever tried anal once with my husband and it was too painful, so we never went there again. When my bull suggested (demanded!) it, obviously I had to give it another go. I still find it fairly uncomfortable but I'm happy to do it for black guys as they seem to love it so much and I'm not going to be rude. But black only please! Not going through all that for nothing!