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well, Barbie-Slut, whatever gave you the impression that the "whole point is humiliation"? That may be a fetish spinoff of cuckolding that the two of you have agreed too, but that's not the point of cuckolding. Just like eating creampies, sissydress, cocklocks, sex denial, subservient duties, etc ... humiliation is a chosen activity of voluntary cuckolding. Basic cuckolding is where you, my sweet, have access to other men for sex, while he, the poor guy, has to remain monogomous and tolerate your cheating, lowdown ways!
You need to be appreciative and nice to your cuckold because of his support of your "bad girl" ways. I have literally thousands of pics, captions, cartoons, cuckold certificates, marriage agreements, etc to support all this. I've been interested/fascinated by cuckolding for over 10 years. Mac :p

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hi barbie, love you and your partners profile.....i would love to see you blacked.maybee 2 little white bois watching you might be fun?
And then for the grand finale to your evening entertainment when you and your BBC get finished you can let those two boys go 69 with each other to get their release.

One Small Dick

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Agreed Barbie! The white boys mission should include:
  • Full time obedience to the female.
  • Full time sexual faithfulness to her.
  • Full time effort to comply with her rules she lays out for you.
  • Full time effort towards her complete and total sexual satisfactions, wants and needs.
Just to name a few.
No way would I wear painted nails around in public especially saying that. Behind close doors might be another matter, but public no way. Now a gf or wife wearing that on her nails I could handle.