My partner

My partner cheated on her first husband with a black guy who ran a pub in the uk.she is still friends with him even would you get her to fuck him again?


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Good point!.we send our weekends together and work during the she wouldn't have a chance really!
I think you're under estimating women, my man! Of course, if you've only been with her a short while, I can see her reluctance to start cheating right away. She's probably hoping you'll provide her the things that she values in a husband. Let her down, and she'll stray again ... leopards don't change their spots. Its in her blood.
You're being here tells me, however, you're hoping she does. I personally prefer it be a mutually agreed upon activity ... no secrets.
Thanks for the advice.we spend all the time together.i would like to see her with a black guy.maybe I should just tell her!.we have been together for 3 and half years.
Your a lucky man!.my partner did say when she was with the black guy that he did screw her on the pool table!.kinda hot I thinks! be its just my fantasy seeing her with a another guy.


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Just do what we do and offer a 3-some. ;) we have done both, FMM and FFM several times, works out great. And Like Mac says, no secrets as that is when the trouble starts.