My first experience

My first time with a couple came totally by accident. Never thought I'd ever partake, let alone enjoy the experience of fucking a wife while the man watched. Something I'll never forget and opened my eyes to a lifestyle that is quietly more popular than I imagined.

A few years back while I was in my early 20s I traveled to Los Angeles for a baseball game (Let's go Mets) with a friend I work with. We stayed at a fairly nice hotel near LAX with a great bar. After the game we made our way back to the hotel. He turned in for the night, but it was still kinda early so I headed for the bar. I'm not much of a drinker but a beer or 2 wouldn't hurt so I sat down. Across the way I noticed a middle-aged white couple staring at me very noticeably while whispering in each others ears. The watching went on for a good 20-30 minutes til the wife (smoking little thing btw) got up and walked on over. This sorta made me jump as I had no idea what was about to happen. She's clearly married and I'm a young buck barely old enough to be at this bar. What could she possibly want with me?

She sits down next to me and puts her hand on my knee and now my brain is going in a million different places. She introduces herself and her hubby who's still in his original spot across the bar. She says "don't be offended, but I like the way you were looking at me. We could hear you talking to the bartender and we like how you carry yourself. Mind if we talk for a little while?". I'm like "uh.....sure?". I guess she loved the whole shy thing I had. She motioned over to her guy to come on over. He sat behind her and they went on to tell me they were also from out of town on business from Seattle and while they were out of town they were interested in a little 'fun'. We got to know each other a little better through conversation and slowly they're disarming me of my apprehension. He kept asking me to touch her a little and not to be scared. Hard not to keep your hands off this white woman.

After an hour they cut to the chase. Me on her while he watched. No pressure. We were both flying home the next day anyway. Took me a few seconds and looking up her skirt before I agreed. So up we go with her all over my zipper in the elevator and he was getting a kick out of it. In the room, anything went. Dude sat in the corner in the dark while I pounded it out. Anything I wanted, she complied. Pussy was as tight as anything I' had before or since and she popped out a few babies already. She had a double-tongue piercing and that shit felt amazing on my bare dick. I came twice on this girl. Once in her pussy and once all over those firm titties. Unbelieveable experience. This chick took care of me. Afterwards we exchanged info and said if I was ever in the PacNW to hit me up. I headed back to my room and my friend woke up and asked me where the hell I was and he called me 4 times (my phone was on silent). Even if I told him the truth, he'd of never believed me.

Since then, I was hooked. Who'd of thought?