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I go to pick up my girl from her friend Shay's house one day, she slept over the night before. I dont really like Shay because she is a bad influence on my girl and is always hanging out with young ghetto guys and trying to introduce my girl to them. So back to the story...I knock on the door no answer..i wait around and find that the front door is unlocked.i dont see them around in the living room but i hear noise coming from down the hall i walk to the bed room.

i go to the door but its locked so i listen for a bit and hear girls moaning and clapping noises and all sudden a grunting noise coming from what sounds like a male, i start knocking on the door hard no answer...i knock harder "they say who is it" i say "its me babe whats going on in there?" the noise doesnt stop then the door opens half way and its Shay trying to block my view but i can quickly see through a little and i see my girl on the bed bent over doggie style facing me by the door looking like a deer in headlights and some black guy pumping behind her with a fitted hat on looking down at her ass bouncing on him and then Shay says "how the fuck did you get in my house?" i ask "what the fuck is going on" she says "tom chill out your girl is busy! Shell be out im a bit" and she closes and locks the door.

I start banging on the door "who the fuck is that with my girl" no response I wait 30 minutes listening by the door I hear "fuck her harder!" "hurry up her mans outside waiting for her" some mumbling and then "na hes some white boy" "she know howta suck dick right?" "my turn" "go see your man, tell him to leave and pick you up in a hour my niggas Rah and J are rolling through."the door opens its my girl and in the backround is Shay riding the guys dick reverse cowgirl looking at me and sticks her middle finger up and and says "bye bye" and lets out and evil laugh. I grab my girl and go outside for an exsplanation.

she tells me to fuckin relax hes just Shay's friends from high school and they didnt have any money for the weed so he said they can pay by sucking him off but them things got heated and we ended up getting horny and fucking.
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