my babe

if you find any post requesting for that info from me, let me know.

By the way, who is that "she" whom the info should be sent? My profile states clearly that I am a male.

Be more attenttive before accusing someone of scam.


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I've been to this forum for some time (quite short though) and I love it.

Meanwhile, I live in Vietnam and date with a local girl. Due to some circumstances she is still a virgin, however, she used to do a great bj and is enjoying oral sex from me, too.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago we figured out that we could do oral cuckolding. It all came quite spontaneous but it was trult great and feeled just as I had expected it to be! My gorgeous girl (a little drunk, so what?) kneeled down in front of a guy at the local club wc and made him cum, while I was there to help her hold her hair back.

Being absolutely not intoxicated several days after, she surprisingly became excited about what she did and told me she did that earlier when we started dating but just a couple of times though.

So, within the recent 2 weeks we met 2 more guys and she let them both do the same. For the last one she even let eat her pusy and swallowed his cum.

Lastly, the thing why I am writing here. She said she wants to taste a black. A big black. Therefore, I think that within 2-3 months we will be packing the bags to go on a vacation to do that. Hopefully by that time I solve the problem with her virginity, too ;)

I am now thinking of either travelling to NYC or to Melbourne in Australia. Any suggestions?

Almost forgot: she is 27, Vietnamese... a couple of pics attached! Let me know what you think. View attachment 261481 View attachment 261482 View attachment 261483
She's gorgeous!