Meeting @ CEASARS Pt. 2


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The story continues with my night spent in Cesars in Atlanta, GA with the white couple. You can read all about the first story here: Meeting @ Ceasars Pt. 1

* * * * *​
Her husband went and stopped the video recording he was making of us in bed.

We sent hubby off to go get us something to eat. Her hubby wore back his clothes while the wife and I went into the bathroom to have a shower. Her husband didn’t appear happy about it, figuring we’d resume fucking once he left us alone. He was anxious not to miss a thing.

“You’d better hurry up with the food,” Tascha snapped at him when she couldn’t take the grumbling look on his face anymore. “Or else you’re gonna listen to us fuck from outside the room.”

Hubby took that as his cue and hurriedly left the room. I swear I could hear his feet running down the hallway to get to the elevator.

Tascha and I took turns scrubbing each other in the shower. We did a little foreplay while we could too. The evening wasn’t completely dark; we had enough time to do more stuff. We came out of the shower and dried ourselves, laughing and giggling as we returned to the bed.

“You see the way my husband ran out like his ass was on fire?” she said to me.

“The cuck-boi don’t want to miss a thing,” I said. “I’ll bet you enjoy keeping him on a short leash.”

“I have to, or else he’ll forget whom he’s under. That was a good thing you did though, letting both of us suck your cock. Usually my other lovers won’t allow me to do that.”

“I’ve not problem with that. As long as the hubby knows his place when I’m around.”

She laughed. “Trust me, my darling husband certainly knows his place. I’ll bust his balls if ever he forgets.”

Tascha really had come fully prepared for the night. She opened her handbag and took out a maroon lingerie similar to the dress she wore. I watched her put it on. It sure looked hot on her, especially the lingerie lining going down between the crack of her ass. She came on the bed and started rubbing and touching herself. I got my cell phone out of my pocket and took a couple snapshots of her poising for me. She undid the lingerie slip off her shoulder and held her tits up for me like a present.

She sat on her knees on the bed in front of me and I was sucking her tits when there came a knock on the door. I went to let her hubby back into the room. He was gasping as he entered carrying a bag of take-out and sodas with him. Tascha and I ate what he’d brought while he sat across from us munching on a burger and waiting for us to start something. Of course we had to wait until the food had gone down somewhat. We killed time by turning on the TV to some music channel and making conversation while outside the evening grew darker. We talked about setting up another meeting sooner, and that next time would be even longer, now Tascha had gotten used to me. She kept on rubbing my thigh while we talked, brushing her hand across my hard-on which wasn’t awake yet.

I drew her closer and poured a tiny measure of my soda on her tits and sucked on them. She wrapped her hands around my head and turned to face me, wanting more of it. Her hand stole between my genitals, cupping my balls, waking up my erection. Her husband had taken off his clothes and touching his chastity-locked prick. He went to the tripod rig and clicked the video camcorder to continue recording.

We started slow this time – there wasn’t any point rushing things. We’d become familiar with each other’s body. I fell on the bed, pulling Tascha on top of me. Her abdomen brushed against my cock, further stimulating my hardness. She was moaning into my ear as I continued sucking on her tits, raking my teeth against her nipples. She mounted me. She rubbed her butt against my hard-on before pushing aside her panties and inserting the head of my prick into her warmness.

She was rocking me harder and I bent her forward to grab a handful of that bountiful ass of hers. I was slapping her butt cheeks while she ground herself harder against me, moaning while she did. her tits slapped against my face each time she bounced. I grabbed at her panties line and almost felt like ripping it off her ass. Just the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock was heaven. I looked past her shoulder and sure enough her cuck hubby was up on his feet taking snapshots with his cell phone and grabbing hold of his locked prick.

“You enjoying what you’re looking at, cuck boi?” I said to him while his wife was still busy rocking her butt on my dick. I too was grunting with each breath.

“Yes, Master,” the cuck boi responded, edging closer to the bed.

“You look the way I’m fucking the slut, don’t you, boi?”

“Ohhh, yes, Master,” he moaned.

“You know I’m gonna be fucking her from now on,” I grunted. “You know that don’t you, boi?”

“Yes, Master! Very much, Master!”

I pushed Tascha off me and I came down from the bed.

“Get up on the bed, cuck boi!” I ordered her husband, taking the cell phone from him.

Tascha positioned herself on her arms and knees, though made room for her hubby to lie on his back under her. I fucked the bitch from behind while her hubby licked her pussy from underneath. Tascha was loving every minute of it. Her ass kept bouncing back at me each time I slammed into her. I slapped her butt and just couldn’t stop fucking her harder. I was breathing heavy like an athlete.

“You like that dick, bitch?” I asked.

“Ohhh yeah!” she hollered back. “Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

“How about you, cuck-boi?” I asked her hubby.

“Yes, Master!” he replied.

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