Love Making

It's one thing to watch clips of wives with BBC, but it's totally hot when you see them making out and taking it slow. Total humiliation for the cuck to know that the woman he walked down the aisle with is making love right in front of him. When she's totally lost in that moment and he's there but he's not. Any thoughts?


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Making love no doubt satisfies an emotional hunger that just fucking/sex doesn't satisfy. Some men tend to skip over, or move too quickly, through foreplay and warm-ups ... :oops:

I think of it in terms of having a loyal dog ... you don't mind him playing/giving attention to other people, but when you call him, you expect him to respond to you, not someone else because he's your dog. Its when that dog doesn't respond to you, but to someone else, that you realize he's given his emotionally attachment to someone else, and that can be quite disturbing to some guys.

Women, more than men, desire that added emotional hunger satisfied ... men can often take it or leave it. IMO ... black men (when they're with a white female) also desire that emotional attachment, because that helps them establish and feel more in control. And, if she's a married white female, it becomes an ego trip for him as well ... knowing/believing he's taken control of a white man's woman. gif_Yellowball-smoking.gif
I think even with very rough sex there is a sense of love and respect.
Yes I agree with you Nia it depends on the attitude before, during and after sex and the person on the receiving end mainly as long as the person on the receiving end likes it fine it can be and to them it is.


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I love seeing a white wife with her black lover, kissing feeling, enjoying long slow sessions. It's what I long for from a black lover. My husband isn't a cuck but I would love for him to see me with a black man like that.
Most hubbies want to cut to the chase the first time around. They want the sex to commence right away, to watch the hardcore fucking part; they'd enjoy the love-making for another session.

I think the idea is hot. I totally encouraged my ex to develope a poly relationship with her BF. I wanted but never got to see them making love unfortunately. I don't know how things were when they were at his place but at ours it was straight sex while I was present. They would sleep in our bed together and cuddle while I sleep elsewhere. There was always discussion about sending me away so they could have alone time but that never happaned.
I really get off on taking it slow and building that connection. I try to treat every woman I get into bed with like they were a very special lover. I just makes the whole experience better for both of us. The kissing and caressing and everything that goes with it can really get in your head and send things into overdrive.