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Looking to hold a party....

We are planning for an anniversary party in Aug when we have our anniversary. Her bf will be in charge but have not spoken to him. As we plan he would be asked to bring in a friend or two of his to play with Tina as dear hubby will do the drinks and snacks & probably remain clothed. Please advice how should we go about planning, what games, what dresses ( she might wear 3-4 kinds of them) for various times, etc should we plan so that bf and his friends have a gala time. Bf been wanting to bring in his friends for a while but she been refusing them. Anything to start the party... what kind of invitation card for bf and such things. We planto keet it a secret for the bf till hubby dear gives him the card. Venue- a friends house who will be on vacation at that time or a hotel suite. Regards.