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Living The Dream

This morning, before our live-in left for work, and after he'd made love to me, told me that he still finds it hard to believe that we, me and my husband, being a married couple, have let him join our lives, our home and our bed.

Our live-in told me that when he is at work he often wonders how he got so lucky.

When we put an ad on Craigslist for a roommate, I had sex with every guy that showed up and showed interest in the room or me. I told our live-in that he was the best out of all of them. And that he was mature and had a good personality and sense of humor. And that he'd made me orgasm three times the first time we fucked helped.

Our live-in also told me that he has never met people as open as me and my husband, and my family and my husband's family are. Our live-in said that he had never heard of cuckolding before meeting us, but likes the idea and how it has worked for the three of us.

To me and my husband it is normal for me to have sex with other men. Our live-in is still getting used to the fact that I have sex with so many other men, and that none of them use condoms. He, our live-in, doesn't use condoms either, so he understands at least that.

Our live-in also told me that he loves that he can have me anytime he wants, and that I often initiate. Our live-in said that most of the women he has been with, before me, have been players, but not very mature. He likes that I play and that I am mature.

Our live-in told me that what he finds most attractive about me is my openness. I told him what I find most attractive about him is the fact that he never says no to me when I want sex with him, or just to touch and feel, where ever we are.

Our live-in told me that he still finds it hard to believe that this is all for real and not a dream. I told him that we are glad he is living the dream with us.

What thoughts go through your head when you are with another man's wife? Or, if you are a woman, with another man?