Limp dick loser humilation

those with tiny dicks

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i can never get my dick hard used to bother me now i get off on knowing i havent had pussy in 6 yrs
wow, scanned your most recent posts, and I do believe a "shrink" would have his/her hands full with you, WhiteGuy ... you have a lot going on inside you. Now there's a thought; seek out a female psychiatrist (preferably rather young) and lay all this stuff on her. You might even print out your posts, here, thus far. You'd at least get an honest opinion, if nothing else, and possibly even a solution if you wanted one, who knows.
Some people simply like being humiliated & mentally/physically abused. Some men desire/fantasize being forcefully taken by men. But, the inability to get an erection for sex is concerning but could be solvable, if you want it to be. Can you get an erection for masturbation?
no i mean once in a blue moon i gues i could eat strawberries heard that helps---sorry about this post just a fetish to be humilated im normal acting regular guy just act out my fanties on here


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Some people confuse real life, vs sexual fantasy, sexual play. I doubt people come here looking to share the normal part of day-to-day life. It is ok to accept a fantasy without psychoanalysis.