Laura Loves Las Vegas - I Wrote this for

Been trying to bring my wife into the dark. She is very aware of my desires to watch her with another man - especially a black man.

So..... I wrote this for her and sent it to her by e-mail.

About 15 minutes later, she texts me back....... "That was hot. Intense."

This is Part One. She wants me to write the second part of this story as soon as she can.


Honey?" You inquisitively speak, in your cutest and girlish voice.

"Yes?" I reply, expecting that you're probably going to ask me if we can paint the house, or do some other remodel project.

Together, we're laying in bed, your hand on my chest and your head on my shoulder.

"I wanna go to Vegas." You state, confidently.

"What?" I question. "Again??"

"Yes." You answer. "I want to go again, but this time, I want to go all alone."

"Mmmmmm." I respond. "Does the lovely Mrs. Jenkins wanna get naughty?"

"Yes." You state. "Yes I do."

I turn my head to look directly at you, to look into your eyes and can clearly see that you're serious. I give you a soft kiss upon your forehead and upon your lips.

"Just be careful." I lovingly warn - providing you the permission that you were seeking.

You smile happily. "I will, honey. I promise that I will."

The following day, I leave home for a few hours and return with a bag from Victoria Secret. You reach inside and find that I've purchased a remarkably sexy matching bra and panty set.

"Thank you, sweetie!" You gleefully praise. "Do you want me to try it on and show you?"

I shake my head. "No, honey. It's for the other man to see you in."


You hesitantly arrive your room at the Circus Circus and set your bag on the bed. The room is dull and the bed is quite unappealing. However, you don't mind. You won't be using the room, or the bed tonight. Instead, you'll be in the room and in the bed of another man, at a different, more respectable hotel. The only use for this room is to store your bag and prepare yourself for him.

And prepare for him, you will.

Truthfully, you're not even aware of who he is. But in reality, you know, for you have thought of him on many occasions. You have fantasized of him, lusted for him and desired him.

He is your perfect example of a man. The one you dream of, the one you want to touch, the one you salivate at the thought of being made love to.

His looks are engrained in your mind. His demeanor is soft and warm, yet assertive and strong. He knows how to treat a woman and how to make her feel like a woman in all aspects of her life, including the passionate, and intimate privacies of the bedroom.

Tonight is your night and as you slowly undress yourself to shower and prepare your precious body for him, your mind drifts of the thoughts of being undressed and pampered by him.


He sits quietly at the raised lounge table, perched upon the matching bar stool looking over the sea of people, admiring nothing in particular.

He sips upon a Scotch & Soda - his first and probably last.

Or, maybe not......

From his vantage point, he is quite interested in the sudden presence of you, as you enter the establishment. He can clearly see that you're currently alone, but doesn't know whether you will be joined by someone.

He is amazed at your beauty and self-confidence as he watches you gaze across the people-filled night club. He smiles to himself as he notices your gentle, lady-like stride toward the bar countertop to order yourself a drink.

In confidence and without hesitation, he stands and makes a concentrated effort to meet you, before you reach the line at the bar.

At first glance, he could see a partial of your outfit. As he nears closer to you, he is very pleased to view your choice of short skirt and high heels, revealing your lovely, smooth legs and posturing your breasts and rear-end to be noticed.

Being a gentleman, he places his hand on the small of your back, leans in and speaks directly into your ear - loud enough that you can hear him over the dance music, but soft enough to be endearing.

"The bar line is long and there isn't an empty seat. Would you like to join me at my table while you wait for your other party to arrive?"

You turn to meet his gaze and your eyes are transfixed upon his. You offer him a very warm smile.

"I don't have another party joining me tonight. But, sure."

He is highly impressed with your beautiful smile and no-nonsense reply. Without removing his hand from your back, he gently guides you in the direction of his table, allowing you to lead, yet be led.

Upon reaching the table top, he leans in and again speaks warmly into your ear. "This table and these chairs aren't suited for your skirt. Wait here and I'll make arrangements to trade our table with someone in one of the booths."

Your starry, sparkling eyes gaze into his and you silently mouth a soft "Thank you."

He leans in for you to speak into his ear and you're refreshed with the scent of him and his cologne. "Thank you."

He turns to walk toward one of the patrons in a booth and you take admiration of his stature, his walk and his confidence. You smile to yourself at the thought of his words, "our table."

Moments later, he returns. Extending his hand toward you, you accept his invitation to have your hand held by his soft, yet masculine grip. Again, he allows you to lead the way, yet he is directing you. Leading you to the booth, he follows behind, scoping your figure, in appreciation of your womanly curves and shapely legs.

At the booth he seats you, essentially and effectively placing claim upon you, ready to defend. Animalistic in nature, he is attuned to the sweet yet subtle fragrance that you hold.

Still standing at the edge of the booth, without hesitation, small talk, or otherwise he asks you what choice of alcohol you would like.

"Red wine." You reply.

He smiles and gently nods toward you. Commanding a nearby server, he holds his hand up and motions the server to the booth. "The lovely lady will have a glass of top shelf red wine, and I will repeat my past order. I also want a 'RESERVED' placed upon this booth in order that she and I can dance, without our booth being taken."

Not long afterward, the server returns with drinks and a booth sign.

You're rather impressed with his aura of confidence and his strengths of respect. He isn't arrogant, nor is he conceited in any way. He is indeed very masculine, without being over bearing.

After the arrangement of the drinks and signage, he sits comfortably close next to you, to your left. Close enough to indicate to the other males within the lounge that you are now his date.

He looks directly into your eyes, not wavering at the slightest. "What is your name?"


"Beautiful name." He compliments.

"Thank you. And yours?"

"Miller. But, I go by Mil, for short."

"A unique and interesting name."

He smiles another warm smile at you. "I am a unique and interesting man."

With your left hand, you pick up the wine glass and sip.

He notices your marriage ring. "Is there a Mister Laura?"

You return his smile, and sexily lick the remnants of wine from your upper lip. "Not tonight, there isn't."

He affirms acknowledgement with a light tilt forward nod. "Shall we dance?"

"I'd love to."

He rises from the booth, takes you by the hand and assists you out of the booth.

Rather than allowing you to lead the way to the dance floor, he leads while you hold his hand, ensuring that he clears the way and a path for you.


Three glasses of wine, and four hours later - occasionally stopping and returning to the booth for a rest, you and he return to the booth for the final time.

Instead of alcohol, you and he quench your thirst with a water.

Throughout the course of the night on and off the dance floor, his hands have explored your clothed body. Never being inappropriate, keeping within boundaries. Of course, an occasional wisp upon your butt and a gentle pat. Just enough to show mutual interest.

In the booth, you and he sit closer together. Ever the lady, you keep your legs crossed in lady-like fashion as the two of you talk, laugh, share stories and generally reminisce of the evening's events.

His hand drops below the table top and rests upon the bare, smooth skin of your upper thigh, gently brushing his fingers along its length, stopping at just below the bottom of your short skirt.

You reposition, carefully uncrossing your legs and ever so-slightly part your inner thighs.

His hand politely accepts the invite and explores further, caressing your warm skin of your inner thigh, gauging and feeling the very warm heat coming from within. He pushes and you allow your skirt up a little further. His middle and index finger brush upon your panty, along the elastic bands of your crotch and outlines the gentle, soft, and warm lips of your hungry and very wet pussy.

He begins kissing upon your neck, upon your earlobe and onto your warm and sensual mouth. His tongue enters your mouth and you engage, intertwining your tongue with his.

"Shall we go to my hotel?" He proposes.



Arriving at one of the finest hotels in Las Vegas, you're very pleased to be having this moment, with this man, and anxiously excited for the up and coming moments ahead.

You know exactly what the ultimate outcome will be and you are more than ready for him to take you.

Arm in arm, you stroll slowly and casually toward the elevator doors.

Each of you in your own thoughts, each of you ready.

You feel a warmth come over you as you think to yourself, "I'm going to become this man's slut tonight."

The elevator doors open. He places his hand upon the round of your ass and gently guides you into the elevator cubicle. Scoping your clothed body one final time, he thinks to himself, "I'm going to own this married woman's pussy after I'm done with her."

He steps in, pushes the button of an upper floor. The elevator doors slowly close. He turns to face you, gently but powerfully pushes you up against the elevator wall, lifts your skirt to expose your panties and begins his foreplay upon you.

He starts kissing and tounging your mouth as his hands explore your wonderful, womanly curves. Hooking his finger onto the top elastic strap of your saturated, wet panties, he effortlessly tugs them to your knees, letting gravity allow them to drop to the floor. His hand pets and caresses your pussy, while his middle finger extends in order to locate your sensitive clit, and probe your hot, wet hole. You receptively lift your one leg, spreading yourself open for his deep, passionate touch, wrapping your leg around his rear end for stability. You reach upon the front of his pants and are very satisfied to find him very hard and ready.

Prior to reaching the chosen floor, the elevator stops and the doors open to find another man waiting.

Your embarrassed to have your skirt lifted and your panties on the floor. Your suitor quickly covers your vagina with his hand protecting your intimates from being seen by others. It's his pussy, now. And he isn't willing to share. He pulls your skirt back into place, and picks up your underwear from off the floor.

Your suitor apologizes to the other man. The other man steps into the elevator, pushes a button and steps off on a different floor.

Elevator door closes, and the two of you look at each other and laugh.

Stepping off onto the floor of choice, the two of you walk the hall toward the door. He casually opens the door of his suite and leads you to enter.

You look into his eyes. "I'm yours tonight."

He responds, "I know."

He slowly closes the door........

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