Interracial pick up bars in Dallas

Yeah I'm not sure if it's Monday or Sunday nights, it's a hip hop night and they get sports athletes coming to the club then. As for the name im not sure I just know how to get there. Actually if you ask the conceirge they ought to be able to tell, just do t ask them when their is a team staying the hotel. Thats how I know of the place but I was with a visiting team staying at the hotel.
I haven't heard of any place since they closed two clubs in Dallas, one was called Spankies, and the one I used to like was called Jet Set. One other place was at the Sterling hotel called San Susis. All were good hookup places that no longer exists. I heard they cracked down on a lot of places, even the people who were doing private sex parties in their own home. The Lido bookstore was also fun, we have a lot of fun there the few times we've been, but on the back wall of the theatre. My GF said before I met her, a friend of hers had a booth and it was about 8 black guys for her and one other female. I wish she was still into that since I used to love watching and sharing her with other black guys since we met in the interracial swingers lifestyle.

Anyway, I have been also looking for those types of spots to meet new sexy white wives or white females in general for extra clean fun.