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I think girlfriend is finaly going to cheat

Will she cheat and suck cock?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 87.5%
  • No

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
Hello everyone I am sean, my fantasy started when my girlfriend told me that her ex was huge, 9 inch at least she said its was very think.

She went on to tell me she took the full cock rite to the balls & he put it in her arse. She said he finished in her bum so it was quick, but she said she took the hole cock up her arse!

I was quite drunk when she told me my heart was beating I was so horny but at the same time I was jealous!

Skip forward a good few months and after dealing with my jealousy, I now know my girlfriend loved the sex and not the guy, so I told her l, her story's turned me on so we call her ex Mr big!

I have told her I think about Mr big fucking her with his big manly cock via texts at work. She niver says you are descusting or anything she plays along but she dose it, in away like she likes it but she don't want me thinking she is a slut!

Anyway I got more bolder sending her big cock pics from Google images, it became her daily dick pics, she usually would reply back yuck to bendy yuck to meny vains ect ect till finaly I sent her a huge white cock with a big mushroom head and it was cut it was what a real man should have!

I get a reply back WOW! I text her back do you like that? She replied back mm hmm followed by, it looks like Mr bigs only Mr bigs was bigger! I was so horny I asked her did she suck Mr bigs cock she said of corse but I sniffed his cock 1st!i nearly came in my pants!

After that night she became more bold telling me that big muscle men on the TV where yummy she was starting to cuck me in a playfull way and I loved it! She said she liked russle crow from the gladiator, we started talking dirty and I said do you want big maximus to fuck you she said mmm hmm it was amazing, she said would you like to sit in the corner and watch. Omg my cock was so fuckin hard!!

Next day I told her to go to work with her leggons on and no pants! She said OK I was shocked she was being so open, I told her to make sure the big men in the office seen her pussy and smelled her lady sent, she just gave me a little smile, and that was that I now know she loves big cock big manly men and male attention!

I told her a few days ago she could go out with her gay friend, she text back are you sure I said yes, she replied back saying you trying to get rid of me, I said ofcorse not, I also said she should dress sexy with a short dress and no panties! She text back saying can I ware a thong please! I said only if you take it off if you get to hot, she said we will see cheeky!

She is going out next thurday I really hope she cheats and sucks a big cock and comes home with her thong dripping in cum! I really really want to kiss her if she has been sucking on cock I want her to lick my tong!

Also I am shiting bricks! I do love her but I do not want to lose her! I really hope this don't brake us apart or she leaves me for a huge cock!

I'm 29 and she is 27

Any questions let me know, sean.
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