i have been a very naughty naughty wife


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Spent the weekend with my girlfriend who has the sleaziest husband who spends most times trying to get a look at my crutch or tits he is such a grub but she wont let him go (money).

On the Friday night he told us he had a business friend coming over for dinner .we just brushed it aside and kept chatting .Saturday we went shopping and came home around 6 to find he had cooked a lovely dinner .we went showered and dressed as we got dressed Jill asked if I would wear no panties so to give Allan a peak at my fanny ,we laughed and went downstairs.

7.30 Allan went to the door and in walked a vision ,he was black around 55 and quite handsome I saw Jills mouth drop and I went very coy .Allan introduced us and he went and got dinner ready Bill came and sat down and that how it started.

During dinner Bill was all over us and Allan felt a little out of place Bill was so confident and talked about all sorts of topics as the night went on and the booze got us relaxed I became very flirty and Bill was putting his arm around me and Jill and was getting a response from both of us. it was then when Allan asked if we wanted to play poker Jill burst out and asked if it would be strip poker .we all laughed and Bill said it would be fun.

Reluctantly Allan agreed but only to our underwear (little did he know I was not wearing any panties) the game was very even and shoes socks and the men had removed trousers Jill was in her undies and I sat in my skirt and bra .then I lost the next hand and so I removed my skirt but Allan was sitting the other side and did not notice my bare ass but Bill did he moved closer and I felt his hand on my thigh Jill gave me a wink and dealt the next hand which Allan lost .it must have been the booze as Allan stood up and droped his undies to show a very nice erection with that Jill went down on him Bill and I just watched Bill then removed my bra and sucked my now erect nipples I coukd not wait to see Bills cock and I was not disappointed very thick with a huge head,Allan was in heaven and so was I Bill took me to the couch were he spread me and used his tongue to make me wetter Bill sucked me in every position then he sat and told me to suck him by this time Jill had emptied Allan and was looking at us so we invited her over to help suck Bills cock we sucked for ages and I was kissing Jill and asking her if she wanted Bills cock she went wild and I heard Allan say no she cant take that Jill just told Allan to shut up and watch a man fuck her ,Bill just stood up positioned her on all fours and nelt down and I guided his cock into her ,he did take his time as she was not ready for such a huge cock but eventually the head went in and slowly fucked her she lasted a short time before she exploded and asked for him to come out I smilled at Bill and asked is it my turn he sank deep in me and I could feel him so far in me our tongues met and he rode me for ages until he was about to blow and told Jill and I to get on our knees and drink his load ,we were covered and cleaned up each other.

That's when I asked bill to fuck jill again and for Allan to clean her up after this went on all night and now Allan is a Cuck and loves watching Jill get what she wants.


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So when are you going to make your hubby a cuck, too? Maybe you should invite Allen, Jill, and Bill over for a little Saturday afternoon cookout ... you think? ;)
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