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I am Curious

i was talking to a couple and in the "getting to know me" stage, they wanted to know if I would ever consider moving in with them. I questioned why would that ever be a consideration to which they mentioned that the wife had met a neighbor at their local supermarket. They became friends and eventually they had him move in with them. Tragically, he was killed in an auto accident and now they are actively seeking someone who ultimately they would want to move in with them. As they seemed very sincere about this, I am curious if anyone here has had a similar experience ? I would love to hear both from the male and the couple perspectives. In this instance, note this was an older couple where the hubby was a long haul truck driver and was very content with having him move into their home.


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I can see the appeal of a black lover living with the couple. But you would have to be really sure of the guy. We couldn't as our grown up sons still live with us, when they move out, who knows. Share my marriage bed with my lover, my hubby in another room, but the three of us in a shared relationship.


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I chat with a couple (that's also a member here) They have a guy that spends the night with them and some times she spends the night with him. They went on a vacation together the 3 of them. So I could see having someone move in.