How was the beginning for you?


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How was the beginning of your cukold feelings? How was the first time that you wished your wife to have sex with a black guy? When did it happen? Could you realize your fantasy?

My case, like you know, started with me telling to my husband about my ex black boyfriend.
I remember one of his first reactions thinking about me and my ex.
We were driving our car along the beach area, during a short spring's holidays. We were talking about relationships and our topic was deriving in sex with ex partners.
My husband asked me about the day that my ex and me fucked under the shower, and after a blob-jow, we had sex again standing by behind with me bent in half facing the clothier's door.
My hubby: -Had you sucked his cock that time?
Me: -Oh yeah, I needed turn him on.
My hubby: -And could you do it easily?
Me: -Yes, his dick turned harder than a rock quickly.
My hubby: -Wow! How could he do to be ready to fuck again, only a couple of seconds after his first orgasm?
Me: -Well, he had a "good tool" down there.
My hubby: -Moreover the thing that excites me most, is what you did it after that!
Me: -The fuck! That day I was so excited!
My hubby: -Could he finally make you cum?
Me: -Of course...he was amazing. It was an incredible and widly fuck.
At this point I could notice my hubby was clearly excited. So I asked him if he was turned on.
He said me the conversation had excited him a lot. Then I asked him if he wished to fuck.
We drove back to our hotel and we fucked all night long.
It was the beginning for us.
Like you know I have not choice. I was fell in love with a caucasian girl who had broken a relationship with a black guy. He refused to leave her go, so he was disturbing us all the time.
I didn't use to see her the weekends at first, so one monday I visited my girlfriend in her office and I noticed she was a little odd. When I asked her about her mood, she answered me that she had been with her black boyfriend the last weekend and they had made the love (I don't know how many times).
I asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said me "yes, of course".
She wanted me to be friends...!
Some months after that she broke up with him definitively. She is now my wife...and I've an interracial fetish!
It started for me when I was looking at porn on the net and stubled across an interracial site. The skin contrast and the look of pleasure and submission on the girls faces had me stiff. Then I saw one pic and the girl ooked just like my pretty blonde wife, even with a wedding ring!! My little penis exploded in my pants and I was hooked. I knew how much more a hung black man deserved to get satisfied with my wifes body than I did.

After telling my wife about this fantacy, three months later she announced that she wanted to fuck a black man (in reality she alreay had).
I found cuckold porn on my girlfriend's internet history. When I called her out on it she claimed it was just the "forbidden fruit" of the interracial thing and was embarrassed and denied she even realized it was cuckold porn. Later I made her put on the same porn I had found and fucked her. During each new scene - first the wife sucking a BBC then kissing her husband, then the BBC fucking the shit out of the chick while the cuck watched and then the BBC cumming in her pussy and making the husband eat it out I asked her is that hot to you?

She continued to say yes to each one and got off a ton of times. She kept looking at the screen and her eyes would roll back. Since then we have had a few super dirty sex sessions dirty talking about cuckolding and watching different BBC cuckold porns. She is 100% turned on by the whole BBC, creampie eating, cuckold humiliation and her being in charge fantasy. She has made me kiss her feet for her to allow me to fuck her and she has tried to have me fuck her for her to cum and not let me cum, and another time tried to make me go down on her after I came in her for her to role play that she was just fucked by a BBC. I have also noticed she gets very turned on by teasing me and getting me hard and then not have sex as well as call my dick small (even though it is decent sized and has always gotten her off). I am not sure if we'd ever do this but it is one hell of a fantasy and I think cuckold porn is the only kind either of us has watched since then. Probably the hottest part of it is that I caught her with this kind of porn when it seems it is usually the guy that has to persuade the girl into this kind of fantasy.