How many white boys enjoy Interracial Sex?

What percentage love interracial?

  • 2 percent of white boys

  • 10 percent of white boys

  • 60 percent of white boys

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I'm addicted, I have been for years. I never watch any porn unless it's a BBC and white lady. I watch for about 3 to 5 mins and than Jack my little white wee wee and only last 30 seconds or so. I don't hard unless I watch interracial porn.
I'm the same except that I edge myself sometimes for many hours at time before I let myself cum, but only to a real man impregnating a white girl for example wishing either that I had the good fortune to be born black so that I could fuck like that or that, more realistically that I could have cleaned them both up after they have enjoyed a few seconds in the afterglow of sex so good I probably couldn't imagine
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Of course I love interracial sex mostly black male with white female but I've enjoyed giving oral to black men on a couple instances and find that incredibly sexy as well, much more so then with white men.
I surely wish people would quit BROAD STROKING all us white guys with labels of inadequacies.
Dude, I can't stroke broadly. It's more of a diddle. That's the reason why I am here.

All jokes aside, small penis humiliation is a huge topic for those who are in the lower 25% of the size population. Being cuckolded by a much larger man (black or white bull) falls into that category. I wouldn't be going out on a limb to say that most of the very large men are black in color, and most of the small men who are prone to SPH are white in color. That is a broad generalization, but I would stand my ground on those claims. So, going through the numbers, I would peg the number (of white boys into interracial) around 20-25% which is what @jimmywhiteboi said.


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We prefer intergalactic sex with men from mars. They shoot green cum that tastes like lobster and their cocks have tentacles that massage the clit. They tell me that if a man needs porn to get an erection he should get more exercise and eat better. They also tell me that women who only want black cock are probably men pretending to be women but then after war of the worlds who would trust a martian but the Klingons do not lie and they have massive dicks, erer see warfs, no wonder all the women wanted him. Anyway I loove sex with black men even if they have average cocks and shoot average loads


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If someone provided you with a cheap instantly regular interracial porn service of all the interracial being filmed in the world and released onto the internet would you pay $10 or $20 a month for it? Could more white boys be made addicted by a friend to friend porn federal program?
most of the porn is a joke and more comedy than erotic. Men who get their concept of sex by watching porn will have no understanding of what most women like or even how to make their pussys catch fire