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how do you feel adout sucking dick

do you love to suck bbc ?

  • yes

    Votes: 87 96.7%
  • no

    Votes: 3 3.3%

  • Total voters

Lady Dionysus

Real Person
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Sucking cock gives a woman a lot of control... I enjoy doing so, but I do not allow men to come in my mouth or on my face. That is always established very early in our interactions. For me personally, it is degrading, but to each their own... I know many people love that.

That said, I have been told I am very skilled at it. There is so much more to sucking a man's cock than just putting it as far in your mouth as it can go. Licking his shaft and balls, sucking gently on his scrotum... Figuring out how much or little he likes teeth involved. Toying with the tip with my tongue before sliding my mouth over and down its length... Wrapping my tongue around a throbbing cock as I move my head up and down, using my hands to also rub his balls and the area between his balls and anus to stimulate his prostate. Yes, we have control.



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I have always LOVED sucking cock. I started young and it gave me control over the white guys I was dating...and then I found out I really loved doing it...loved the taste....loved the sensation. I LOVE it completely differently with black guys. Not one of them has let me take control lol. Instead it is the start of me letting go, giving up control and submitting to their sexual dominance. They take hold of your head, hold your hair, talk nasty to you, make you worship them February 2006 219 edited.jpg February 2006 197 - edited.jpg ....turns out this drives me a little crazy (in a good way) and makes me their submissive sex toy. So a really good thing got even better for me.


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I always remember an old experience with my ex black boyfriend during our relationship. We had been traveling by car for more than two days. We were on our holidays. My boyfriend was so excited and he showed a big erection under his pant. He asked me to have sex a lot of times, but we were traveling! Finally I unzipped him and I started to give him a handjob. His dick turned even harder but he couldn't cum, so I sucked his dick until I made him cum, while he continued driving our car. That gave him an overwhelming sense of relief. That was the first time he cummed in my mouth.
Not only did my wife get fucked on the first date she ever went on as a freshman in high school, she also sucked her first dick that same night. Well, to be honest, she says it was more like he fucked her mouth than it was her sucking his dick.