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Her Evolution...your dream.


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It all started right here, in front of your computer. The first time you watched Interracial porn. You became addicted to watching white wives fucked by Big Black Cock. You tried to hide your obsession, but soon your wife found out. She was shocked. You spent weeks, maybe months trying to convince her to try it. Finally she relented, but with some ground rules. Together you post an ad on craigslist outlining what she wants and what her limits are. The night finally arrives...the Black Bull knocks on your door. You eagerly open the door to him and invite him in. Your wife is dressed somewhat sluttily and is very nervous. After some idle chit chat the Bull takes your wife's hand and sits her down next to him. He starts to compliment her, make her feel sexy and desired...and within minutes, the first ground rule is broken...she said she wouldn't kiss him...but now his tongue is buried in her mouth and she is greedily sucking on it. His hands are exploring your wife's body and she is responding like you have never seen her do before. Her inhibitions start to melt away and in no time the second ground rule is being broken...she said she wouldn't suck his cock, but there she is on her knees trying as hard as she can to get his entire cock down her throat. Her mouth works down to this massive Black balls and soon even to his Black asshole! (She never did this for you!). After about a half an hour of oral worship from your wife, she stands up and takes the Bull by the hand and leads him into the bedroom...taking him to your marriage bed! (Another ground rule broken!) You follow along behind them, all but forgotten at this point. He lays your wife on your bed and slowly enters her tight married pussy with his Big Black Cock...you see the look on your wife's face as he stretches her pussy open...the mixture of pleasure and pain as his massive cock explores depths she has never experienced before. Within minutes her first orgasm builds and she cums like you have never seen her cum before...her pussy gushes around his invading Black Cock...her hands holding onto him tightly...making sounds you have never heard before. She rides the wave of an orgasm like she has never experienced. She is totally lost in lust. As her orgasm subsides, he flips her over and enters her doggy style. She moans in pleasure as he enters her and starts to pound her. He pulls her back and whispers something in her ear and she nods her head yes and kisses him again. He pulls his cock out of her for just a second...long enough to remove the condom and reenters her bareback! (The next ground rule broken!) As he is fucking her, her orgasms are coming hard and fast...it is almost impossible to tell where one ends and the next begins. He whispers in her ear again and for a brief moment, she manages to focus...just long enough to look at you...her pathetic husband...and she says, "Your little white dicklet will never, EVER fuck me again!" The she is quickly consumed by her lust again as his pace quickens. He starts to pound your wife's married pussy hard, deep and fast as his orgasm builds. He pulls her head up so you can see her face as he explodes his Superior Black Seed deep inside her married pussy. Her eyes are rolled to the back of her head in pleasure as he fills her. He looks at you with a knowing smerk on his face. She now belongs to Black Cock. He pulls out of her as she collapses on the bed and slowly rolls over for you to see her pussy...gaping open and leaking his seed. He looks at you and tells you to get over there and clean your wife's pussy...and you submissively comply. The first taste of his cum and her pussy is intoxicating for you. You lick out as much of it as you can. Then comes the order you were dreading but longing for..."Get over here and clean my Black Cock too, cuckyboi!" You once again comply, cementing your place as your wife's cuckold and your submission to Black Cock. As you are sucking him you look up to see him kissing your wife. They break their kiss just long enough to watch as your mouth moves up and down his Ebony shaft...making him hard so he can fuck her again. They both laugh at you...
Your new life has begun....
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