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Have you wb been fucked?

Many times I was asked by wives to dominate and fuck Theirs hubbys, which I did with pleasure. So white boys answer pls:
Have you been fuckd in front of your wife /gf?
Yes several times. Now I enjoy it.
When it has happened?
It was on a Weekend, where my wife invited three black lover. At this time I was already keen on sucking the black dicks to prepare or clean its. After the second round my wife asked me, if I would like a little surprise. I answered with yes.
She took my head in her pussy and crossed her legs on my back. Short after I felt first fingers at my butt. 5 Minutes later I felt my first black cock on and than in my butt. He was very slow so I could enjoy it. He fucked me over 10 minutes before he came in me.
What did you feel?
It is very difficult to describe my feeling and thoughts. On the one hand I was upset. On the other I was fascinated. I could feel what my wife means when she tells how a black cock inside her is.
Was it the first time with a man?
Yes. But sine than we are looking for bi-lover too.
Thanks for your replay.