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get jealous. ...

Hello to all of you great people. ..I'm the husband. .we we just started. ..last week we met a really nice black guy that is on this great site. ..was a really great time until I screwed up everything because at one point I stopped everything so I didn't let him finish. ..I really love to do it but it's really hard for me to do it. ..I want know from you guys what I can do to feel comfortable and enjoy it. ..I said to him that I feels like a stupid and I was so sorry. ...aftet he left I fucked her for 5 times in a row and ask to her to tell me what she thinks about him. ...I promised to him that I will try again it and let him finish. ..This was the second time for us. .The first one was with a black man and believe or not I let him do everything with her and in the end let him cum in her mouth. ..but with the last one was different because he lives very close to us and is young so I was disappointed because I let him come in our house. ..Please help me!!!the two pics it's my lovely wife. ..


Yeah...so bad. ..I got 2 huge vibrator because my normal little white cock is not enough. ..One time she wanted both plus mine in her pussy at the same time. ...
I never try but I am jealous to that why I don't do it . We get 10 inch thick black cock and fill like real and she love it . We have a lot fun and she is all my and black dido of corse
If you or your wife get uncomfortable for any reason you should stop it and the other party understand. Can they be disappointed, YES, should they hold it against you, NO. If they do then you might want to reconsider your situation as nothing should be more important then you two as a couple. As far as hurting his feeling, that is bad, but trust me there are many fish in the ocean.

One of our first time hubby let me do everything up to fucking, he was just letting his emotions get the best of him, after the guy finished Cumming on my tits he left. Hubby and I talked about it, worked through it for a few minutes, and thankfully called him back and asked if he wanted to come back for round two. he did and it worked out great. Was I disappointed he stopped the first time as I asked him what's up, YES, would I have held it against him, NO, life goes on.. Just my opinion and his.


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It ceases being a game or a fantasy once it happens ... and there are no retractions! So you guys better be wearing your big girl panties when it happens, 'cause it's likely to be an incredible experience that she'll want to happen again and again. ;)
Personally having actually done it several times we will honestly say it is fantasy and fun, nothing more. Though it is good as we all know due to the differences, etc. I have found it is not something I could never do without again. I have been in-active for 5 years with it. Again, fun, Yes, but even for me I love hubby to much and would never let it come between us. This is a add-on for us when we do or did, nothing more, not a lifestyle or something that cannot like anything be left. We always tell people to keep it in perspective.

Sometimes I am sure hubby wishes I was this out on control wild thing, crawling on my knees to the BBC, but again we both realize the reality of that happening is like Star Trek at this point. An addition, like a sex toy or game, etc. However you want to look at. Is it fun yes, can there be issues, yes, we have had them. But these stories or inclinations of never again for hubby, etc. to each their own, not us. Again we have seen people take it to far and as mentioned guess what. Divorce.... Or worse..

Got to be strong and very good in relationship, this will not fix problems, only add to them. Must be solid to even think about this or you are going down the path of somebody finding way out. Just my opinion and does not count towards much except for us personally.

We really do not understand the breeding thing, that is a baby regardless, they do not have choices and cannot condone that except for fantasy purposes, but not reality unless there was medical reason you needed a donor and were going to go to clinic or something already. hope this does not offend, but again just our thoughts.


Jealousy can be a huge issue but a little of it can add to the excitement.
My hubby had a problem with me even dancing with another man when we were younger. He now has things under control and even says his jealous streak drives his sexual urge for me into overdrive. I know what he means.
What Strange things we humans are. Lol