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future of races in america

Im not from the us. But i was always fascinated by the new world. A lot of immigration and stuff happened there.
Now it hasnt been very long since interracial relationships have been legalized. However we are already witnessing a lot if mixed couples and relationships being formed. This forum kinda got me thinking that a lot of people are really into it. For sure i have yet to meet a black male who wouldnt bang a hot white women( i know there are some who exclusively date black women only , but i myself have never known any dude like that yet,,,) also a bunch of white dudes also like black women. Add to that, here i see a whole bunch of guys who are into interracial cuckolding. With all of these factors combined, i kind of feel that in the future( not the near future, id say like in a minimum of 500 years) the population will change to people with a complexion portrayed in ancient egypt or something similar like that. I mean there might still be black people and white people, but i think about 70 percent may be mixed bred people. I think that might be something awesome to think about. Just my thoughts though,, what di the rest of you people think about the future ( in us ).
Well, maybe the number of white woman being inseminated by black man is rising and there are thousand of them by in a scale of whole US its unnoticeable. The biggest part of black cock sluts will have sex with bbc but they will never have black baby.