For the wives... What was the moment you knew cuckolding was for you ?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by ur2lovers, May 24, 2015.

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    For the ladies out there. What was the moment where you knew cuckolding was for you ? Or maybe what was the moment you really came into yourself as a cuckoldress ? The moment when you felt comfortable enough that you could really make it all about you ?

    I'm wondering how that must feel to know that this what you as a couple want from the wives perspective. What that moment of knowing your new found place in your relationship is like ?
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  2. Ann4BBC

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    This is a really good question. For me it has been a journey and I still think I struggle to be a good cuckoldress. At first everything I did was to please my husband. I love him and wanted to make him happy. But as time went on, I took more control of what I did and who I see.
    Importantly my hubby gave hints and encouraged me to be in more control at home. Its been a gradual change in our relationship dynamic to me now telling him to wear ladies underwear, to buying and wearing a cockcage and have told him im black cock only from now on.
    I think my moment of realisation of being a cuckoldress was earlier this year. I had signed my ownership contract last August. Owner had asked for his name tattooed on me but this wasnt in the contract. So instead he said I should change my hubbys initials from JBC to BBC on my tit. My hubby wasnt happy about me changing it, or that it can be seen as we are walking around or out socialising. But I had it done anyway. Our position has definitely been different since.
    Now im more confident and hes the quiet one!
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    i don't know if i've ever got to that point, yet. this has always been a temporary bit of fun and excitement and i'm hoping we can go back to a "normal" marriage at some point.

    i guess the first time i felt like i *really* like doing this (in the sense that i was doing it for myself and not a mutual thing with hubby), is when i met a gorgeous guy in our local super market and plucked up the courage to speak to him. i don't know what i was hoping to happen, i hadn't planned what i was going to say, i just went for it in a moment of frazzled nerves and excitement. it's all the more crazy because i wear a hijaab and dress conservative in a populated muslim area. the guy just didn't know what he was dealing with when this married woman walks up to him, smiling and is apparently flirting (in a weird awkward way because she hasn't ever really approached a guy in her life and hasn't been on the dating scene for over 15 yeas Eeek!)

    it was the most exhilarating and exciting thing i'd done in my life and i just felt i wanted more of it. i also realised much of the fun isn't in the sex perse, but the flirting, the chatting, the excitement and buildup before sex with someone else.