*Florida Submissive White Cuckold* Looking for *Female Dominant*

For now you can call me whiteboy baby penis, or baby penis for short.
I keep my 3 inch penis locked in a 2 inch chastity because it doesn't deserve to get hard.
I am posting here because I'm seeking a local female dominant to dominate me with a thick 9 inch black strapon. I actually have one already, as well as the harness to go with it for use as a strapon.
I am located in the Orlando Florida area but can certainly travel to where is needed within Florida for the most part if the occasion is planned out. Please if you are interested send a PM my way!
I have a gallery of 102 pictures of myself in chastity devices, nude and embarrassed, of my cuckbutt for strapon dildo, and being fucked with a strapon dildo. I put the gallery together for whoever may be interested in dominating/cuckolding me.
If you'd like to see the gallery, here is the link.
However it is password protected. If you are interested please PM me a reply. :rolleyes:
By the way- some specifics..
Age: 23
Been cuckolded before?: Once, with an ex-girlfriend
Been fucked with strapon before?: By 4 different females over the years
Race-gender: whiteboy
Interests: Interracial Cuckold, chastity, being humiliated and dominated, Big Black Strapon Dildos, being locked in a cage, forced to wear degrading clothing like diapers, forced to clean cum after Anal Sex with BBC