white boy

  1. toofunforfun

    Local Cuckold Group

    Looking to make a group locally for fans of interracial and potential cuck to meet up! Anyone have any suggestions on how to start a meetup locally?
  2. D

    20 year old white boy looking for a cuckoldress to make me a cuck and control me. Also would love to be humiliated/degraded

    Looking for any lady to cuck me and/or humiliate me, shoot me a message, if you have another app/site you use let me know as Im down to communicate however you please!
  3. Y

    Looking for BBC for chat and more

    White bio who want to be owned by BBC. Looking for chat, text, phone. Just looking to have some fun and worship an Alpha Male. Let's chat and have some fun.
  4. D

    Only BBC girls tease you white boys?

    Only BBC girls, do you enjoy sexually teasing white boys (Friends and strangers)? You think it's funny? Tell them you're only for black men?:sex::mstickle: What is their reaction? :oops: Tell your story, how did you do it.
  5. F


    recount the most pathetic performance you've experienced,
  6. J

    Sexy ass sissy searching for bbc

    23 year old m looking for a bbc that wants to dominate a sub weak white boy with a big ass. Message with pic if interested ;)
  7. C


    Are some of you white guys into femdom plays?
  8. J

    6 inch white guy from TX interested in cuckolding

    I have watched cuckold porn for a while now ,and am into it, but idk if i could do the real thing or not lol, im also single af though lol
  9. RobyWhiteBoy


    I'm a white guy based in Italy, i would like to introduce a black guy to my girlfriend
  10. R

    My white wife hates me

    My white wife Megan loves black men and humiliates me at every chance. She loves rap music and talks with a black accent. She walks around the house with a whip and wears very sexy outfits to show me what i'll never have.
  11. T

    cuck seeking mistress in WV

    hey i would love to find a mistress to get together with to go find a huge black cock for her to fuck if youre interested or you are already an interracial couple hmu and we can put something together
  12. WhiteboiNY

    Whiteboi new here :)

    Hey guys new to this page and looking to have somw fun and meet new people :) hit me up
  13. Chew000

    Hey, new here

    23 year old white male. Would love to meet some new ppl
  14. J

    Glad to be here

    21 year old whiteboy who loves cuckolding porn and seeing beautiful white woman choose superior black men . I am bisexual so I am willing to talk to anyone as long as they are fun :) just looking for cool like minded people really . I love spreading the joys of cuckolding to others through...
  15. T

    White sissy killeen

    I want an BBC paired with either a white or Asian woman to give me that cuckold experience. I want to be humiliated and degraded i want to see that superior Black dick in action. Open to trying almost anything but i need this fantasy to happen.
  16. B

    *Florida Submissive White Cuckold* Looking for *Female Dominant*

    For now you can call me whiteboy baby penis, or baby penis for short. I keep my 3 inch penis locked in a 2 inch chastity because it doesn't deserve to get hard. I am posting here because I'm seeking a local female dominant to dominate me with a thick 9 inch black strapon. I actually have one...