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    Once a wife cuckolds a husband, it can go in many different directions, especially when the cuckolding is interracial. From husbands who still participate in the wife's new lifestyle to sissy conversion to husbands turned bi or gay and even cuckold slavery. Whatever direction it goes, I...
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    I've always been a fan of interracial porn. I wouldn't consdier myself a cuckold, however because I am not subservient. Interracial porn has always been visually stimulating to me. I am not a jealous guy and would love to share my wife, but she is very against it and has took offense when I...
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    i am a 39yo married South African whiteboi - i would live in permanent chastity if my ultimate dream came true... if my wife of 17+ years, rebelled against her ultra-conservative, afrikaner upbringing, and did her part for racial-harmony by spreading her gorgeous, thick, pale thighs and allowed...
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