1. Kiba1104

    Still Seeking South Florida

    The struggle with finding someone is real haha. As in my earlier posts, I'm a nerdy black male in gaming, comics, movies and more, seeking friends or even a relationship. I'd like to see where things go especially if we're into the same things. Possibly make me all yours. I'd like to be more...
  2. R

    Sex house in Orlando Florida.

    Hi! We are a couple, me and my girlfriend Reina (20, Latin, Sexy, freaky) are renting a house in Orlando in May. We will only be there for a few days (normally live in D.C)and are looking for 2-3 black bulls. Age range: 18-26. Cock size: Minimum 8 inches. Must be okay with: Having a cuck watch...
  3. Kiba1104

    Finding Locals (South Florida)

    Its difficult to find people on your area. More specifically ones that won't flake on you or just stop talking to you out of the blue. It would be nice to meet a nice white woman that isn't just a visitor. If the meet goes well, it would sure suck to know afterward they went back home to Arizona...
  4. B

    South Florida

    Any hot milfs in south Florida area looking for some fun? Hit me up for sure. Not really sure how to use this app
  5. Kiba1104

    Nice Surprise

    Reason why I don't wear shorts like these to the gym. Even when soft. Haha
  6. Kiba1104

    Nerdy BBC in South FL For White Woman

    Hey hey! 25 and black nerd in Broward County, Florida. Seeking a white woman interested in friends or dating. I enjoy video games and anime along with comics and cosplay. Lets talk!
  7. Thick


  8. Kiba1104

    Black Nerd for White

    Hi! I may be a rare case on this site, but I'd like to at least talk about myself a bit. I'm in south Florida, I'm on the awkward side. My hobbies include gaming, anime, cars, and comics. I also cosplay time to time. I'd love to talk with more of you about yourselves especially if you are into...
  9. Before a shower!

    Before a shower!

    More of me!
  10. My BBC

    My BBC

  11. My bbc

    My bbc

  12. C535F9E5-B727-476A-94C1-150F928C2871.jpeg


  13. Thirsday Thursday Fun pt. 2

    Thirsday Thursday Fun pt. 2

  14. Shower time

    Shower time

  15. Thirsty Thursday Fun

    Thirsty Thursday Fun

  16. Central Florida bbc

    Central Florida bbc

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    looking for someone in forida that can handle me
  18. young


    jax fl
  19. young


    jax fl
  20. young


    jax fl