1. redheadBBW

    Central Florida Area

    Looking for a club to bring BBW wife to in or around Central Florida Area. I heard of Secrets, haven’t been yet. Or are there just regular clubs (bar , etc) in that same area that we may find a guy for her? She loves to flirt.
  2. Wife’s Shower Tits

    Wife’s Shower Tits

    LF BBC for wife central Florida area
  3. Looking forward to Florida again

    Looking forward to Florida again

  4. ECA3C9D7-2B66-4445-9775-1CFF76727078.png


  5. Looking for a friend in Atlanta

    Looking for a friend in Atlanta

    Anyone in or around Atlanta let’s be friends
  6. Atlanta BULL

    Atlanta BULL

  7. AllenLez

    Were are the Florida Milfs/Cougars at?

    Any Milfs , Cougars , or matures in the central florida area looking to meet or chat?
  8. AllenLez

    what would you do..

    Looking in Florida
  9. JTBlack

    Couples and single ladies in Miami / Broward

    Trying to see dome people this weekend
  10. thick...


    I may not be the longest but... ;-)
  11. Cock Ring

    Cock Ring

    Just waiting.... ;-)
  12. JTBlack

    Miami / West Palm Beach / Broward - Single Ladies and Couples

    Looking for any single ladies and couples who wants to meet.
  13. 20180518_185745.jpg


    Looking for florida girls that want a good time
  14. KingRocky

    Anyone in florida looking for a black bull

    Hi, Im looking for someone drama free that wants to hook up, I'm in pensacola florida so you need to be there or close thanks. Hope to hear back soon
  15. KingRocky

    north florida, muscular black man looking

    Hi I'm looking for someone that is drama free and would like to hook up or have something on going if your willing I'm in the pensacola florida area so be there or close hope to hear back soon
  16. sizeprincess

    Looking for BBC(s) in FL Mid to Late June

    Hi So, her birthday is coming up, and the only thing she has on her wish list is a Monster Black Cock (or more then one). For those not familiar, she is a 27 former classic dancer and hot as hell (see pics)... a bit shy at time, but very sexual AND a huge size queen. Please make sure you...
  17. your florida bbc

    your florida bbc

    imagine holding it,stroking it kissing and licking it, every inch for your pleasure...
  18. YOURS


    in the end, my cock was all I had
  19. The art of black and white

    The art of black and white

    Black and white is an interpretation of reality..embrace it
  20. jturnner85

    Florida handsome bull

    Orlando fl theres a handsome bull here