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  1. Hiking with a pawg

    Hiking with a pawg

    She got horny seeing all the trees and wanted my log
  2. BostonFlasher

    I did a skype with some people

    oThey told me what to d
  3. My nipples are worthless

    My nipples are worthless

  4. Bigbamboo

    [Slut Training] for Horny Black Cock Sluts

    Have you been craving to be a uninhibited black cock slut? Do you want to bring out your inner slut? Does the thought of being completely dominated and used really excites you? You can open your mind as I guide you into a very relax and pleasurable state that can allow you to become the black...
  5. feeling submissive

    feeling submissive

    feeling submissive
  6. Rubbing my ass on a rock in a public park

    Rubbing my ass on a rock in a public park

  7. Asian Suck

    Asian Suck

    Looking for more subasians out there in SoCal
  8. J

    Sexy ass sissy searching for bbc

    23 year old m looking for a bbc that wants to dominate a sub weak white boy with a big ass. Message with pic if interested ;)
  9. betattshop.jpg


    The white "B" lying submissively within the dominant black spade will take on your enticing complexion drawing in more arousal perfectly for Swingers and Cuckold Alternative Lifestyle. Embrace your Beta position in Sexuality and stand next and with your female Partner when she is finally getting...
  10. Sub White Girls Worship BBC

    Sub White Girls Worship BBC

    Sub White Girls Worship BBC
  11. Biguyinmd

    Bi guy in Maryland looking to get together

    Bi white guy in moco looking for Bull or couple to share my fiancees dirty panties she wore to hot yoga. Sit back and savor her tight, 28 yr old pussy while I orally worship your bull cock or order me to put those panties on and break in my virgin hole. Would also be interested in playing with a...
  12. Realhunt

    Bull with queen's

    Hello was wondering if any other bulls bring the wife, girlfriend etc with them to meet cuckold couple. My wife like to watch from the sideline while I have my way with cu Cucks wife. She sometimes have the cuck eat her out spank them etc. Cuckolds do yall enjoy being submissive black man and...
  13. 20180424_054438.jpg


    Me ready to serve my master
  14. Mchugh95

    Sub Sissy Cuck in NJ/PA

    Hi I'm sissy candi.... Non passable but clean kinky obedient submissive sissy cd looking for new friends. I've recently become single after years of sissy training. I've become addicted to serving obeying and obsessing over black men. I'd like to focus on finding new dominant owners for...
  15. Public Laundry Room

    Public Laundry Room

  16. Queen


    Ready to become a bbc queen, will only bow for a black cock master
  17. C

    Are the females usually the Dom with cuckold? Very submissive couple wants to know

    Hi sorry, I keep reading that the females are the doms in a cuckold relationship but I naturally thought it was the bull. In our case we are both extremely submissive in bed and was trying to get tips on finding our bull. We are very new to all this so sorry for the rookie question. The...
  18. BostonFlasher

    I get rough with my pussy.

    I live in Boston and hope to eventually meet up. No kik or skype or email until we have talked for a while.
  19. J

    Big Cock: 1 Day Changes Everything (Part 1)

    Black Cock: 1 Day Changes Everything 1. THE ACCIDENTAL MOMENT THAT STARTS EVERYTHING I called it my midlife crisis. My wife called it her sexual liberation. My Master called it my destiny. Regardless of how you labelled it, in the end I became a cocksucker, a bottom and eventually a cuckold. Now...
  20. Hold my hands behind when you fuck my white ass...

    Hold my hands behind when you fuck my white ass...