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First steps to reality

Ok so here goes my wife and i are just about to try and move our relationship from cuck roleplay to her becoming a hotwife for real.
Its early stages but she says she is interested in having other men fuck her for real which has made me very horny and happy.
I told her about my fantasy to see her fuck other guys about 3 years ago she was a little unsure at first i think she thought i was testing her lol but after i explained that i was serious she took it quite well but didnt show much interest i think she was a little unsure how to handle it. So i left it for a while not wanting to push it but every now and then when we had sex i would comment how sexy she would look if a younger guy or a bigger dick were fucking her instead of me and then whisper a story of what that new dick was doing her reactions were small but still there she would become wetter and fuck a little harder but that was as far as it went she never commented or instigated the roleplay but she didnt stop it eighther.
So that was how it played out i mentioned her trying someone else a couple of times more over the following months but she would get embarrased saying she wouldnt want to upset me by going too far and she also felt that she wouldnt be attractive enough to anyone.. She is a bbw and has a few confidence issues. I can tell you she is gorgeous she looks more mid twenties than thirties very pretty with green eyes awesome curves big tits and a pussy that in my oppinion was specially made to be fucked a lot.
Anyway i digress we carried on this way for a while we had great normal sex once in a while i would have light roleplay sex always started by me and she would show signs of enjoyment but never commit.. I know now she was worried that if she suddenly went.. Hell yeah i wanna fuck loads of guys.. I might then say its only a fantasy and be upset. Frustrating but i love her and didnt want to push too hard iv read enough to know patience is the key to this.
So we moved along at a steady pace we have a great sex life wether its regulsr or roleplay so i wasnt too bothered and just kept trying to gently push the boundries by ramping up the stories from time to time.
Then came the unexpected twist
We went out with a group of friends one saturday night we didnt normally as i used to work sundays but it was a birthday so we went normal party atmos in the pub we have a large group of mates including a scattering of gay and lesbian friends so the drinks are flowing and my wife who is a natural flirt when shes had a few is laughing and chatting to one of our gay friends while i catch up with an old mate at other end of the pub about a half hour goes by and when i return i find my wife talking to a very cute gothy looking woman about mid twenties
There getting on realy well and if im not mistaken theres some flirting going on (just a footnote.. my wife likes girls aswell but had only ever dabbled when she was about seventeen ) anyway i notice its getting late and knowing i have to be up for work i catch her attention an make signs to leave.
I can see shes dissapointed and she asks if i mind if she stays a bit longer i say im happy for her to stay and my friends all pipe in saying they will make sure she gets to a taxi ok so i check she has enough money kiss her and leave.
About two hours later i hear her stumble in im half asleep so i leave her to get into bed and figure al have a word before work in morning.
She climbs in next to me and thats that.
Next morning im up dressed and ready for work but before i go i nip upstairs paracetamol in hand to give her a quick kiss and cuddle
She wakes up s bit hungover i get my kiss and cuddle but its weird shes a bit off the way she is when shes upset.
I ask if shes ok.. She says shes just tired and hungover.. Ok i say did you have a good night.. An odd look in her eyes.. Yes she says it was ok.. Did you fall out with somone.. No no dont worry al tell you after work
Another half kiss and i leave for work
A long 8 hours when something is niggling at your head lol.

Got to go al finnish my what now seems to be long winded opening post in a bit am piking wife up from college in twenty mins.
Ok so to continue..
After work i get home about 7pm im going to call my wife s to make it easier.
S is in the kitchen she has made my tea i say hi she gives me a smile again i get a weird vibe i eat we sit for a while and watch tv i ask her a couple of times if shes ok and get a half hearted.. yes fine..
She goes to bed about 10 its at this point i think ok enough
I go upstairs and ask her out right whats wrong.
She takes a deep breath.. I have to tell you something and it could be bad
Ok i say
You know you left me at the pub last night.
Well you remember the woman i was talking to.
Do you mean the hot goth chick. Iask
Yeah well i was a bit drunk and something happened
Its at this point she starts to get upset and apologises lots
Now its not another guy but i haf to say im a little horny at this point.
I ask her what happened
Well we were in the ladies together and she told me she thought i was pretty.. So i told her that i liked her too and how i find women attractive.
Ok i say and then
Well before i know it we were kissing and she was touching my tits.. Then i touched hers and thats it...
More apologies and worried looks
Were laying on the bed now while all this unfolds and im sporting a hard on
Are you ok im sorry she says..
So first i deal with the serious part the trust issue i point out that me leaving her out and this happening is obviously a break in our trust however as i have professed an interest in her taking other sexual partners i cant really be angry or upset with whats happened.
Her relief is apparent and we kiss i move in closer and its now she notices my hardon
Are you turned on?she says with a half smile.
What follows is some seriously strong fucking.
Now you may think that what happened was nothing but infact it was a key moment because once she saw that i was ok with it she opened up to the cuckold roleplay no longer worried about hurting my feelings by showing how much the thought of fucking someone else turned her on.
We have now roleplayed for about two years fantasies of her with younger men older men big dicks little dicks black white asian and everything in between
One man dp and gangbangs.
We have even almost hit the reality button once before when an old boyfriend of hers found her on Facebook
And started to contact her it started as simple chat she told him she was now married but it slowly and naturally turned to them remanicing about old times and then eventually turned to them getting flirty n dirty lol
S kept me informed and let me read the messages and i was horny as hell so after about a month of the messages getting hot and heavy i asked sarah if she would like to meet him
She said that if she did it would probably result in them shagging
I know lol
So she set about making suggestions that they could meet up if he liked.
He seemed very interested and asked what she would tell me she was doing.
It was here we made our mistake
And told him i knew about their chats and that i was ok with her meeting him.
After that he became flaky and then finally stopped answering her messages.
Nuts if you ask me he had the opportunity to shag a married woman he obviously fancied with no come back and wimped out i cant figure it.
So back to the roleplay for a few more months untill finally here we are she wants to fuck someone else at least once
If she/we enjoy then she will carry on if not we agree to stop.
She wants to make the move slow and as natural as possible and i dont want to rush her and spoil our chances.
But if she enjoys her first experience i am hoping she will take the reigns
She has said when shes horny that eventually she would like a regular fuck buddy but also be able to just sleep around with whoever she fancies.
I can only hope and be patient
So thats where were at sorry if its a bit long its my first time writing
Thanks if you stuck with me and any advice is greatfully taken
Well it been a busy weekend s has not really brought it up much but has enjoyed looking at the picks of big dicks on here last night i licked her while she fucked herself with a dildo i told her to shut her eyes and imagine one of the big black dicks she had seen was fucking her.
I was suprised how much she got into it she fucked herself hard and came even harder i finnished licking her and she seemed very happy.
I think the big dicks shes seen on here have clicked a switch
Well just have to see.