Hopeful cuck
Feb 3, 2016
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Hopeful cuck

New Member, Couple, from Huddersfield, United Kingdom

In this time she slept with 2 guys. enjoyed at the time then suffers guilt but keeps bringing it up so letting her lead this. ILove it Jul 29, 2016

    1. Cheayon
      Hey beautiful what up
    2. BlackMaleNL-Uk
      good for the both of you
    3. Karthwf
      Love the fact that your wife is new to this and she is suffering guilt but despite that she keeps bringing up the fact that she enjoyed fucking those two guys. Sounds like she is hooked, but needs reassurance that you guys are good. Those guys were lucky, you have a very sexxxy voluptuous wife, maybe we can hook up when I am in the UK visiting :)
    4. BlackCowboySpain
      Thanks for the follow!!!
    5. Wildpharaoh
      This big body deserves extreme BBC Gangbang !!!
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    6. BBC uncut
      BBC uncut
      Thanks ayee for follow
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    7. Hopeful cuck
      Hopeful cuck
      In this time she slept with 2 guys. enjoyed at the time then suffers guilt but keeps bringing it up so letting her lead this. ILove it
    8. Hopeful cuck
      Hopeful cuck
      Ok so back after a while away.
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    9. Hopeful cuck
      Hopeful cuck
      Hopeful cuck says it all my wife and i have been roleplaying for a while and are thinking of moving into.. Reality.
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      2. black d
        black d
        hie..nice pussy yo wife got
        Feb 6, 2016
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      3. black d
        black d
        l wuld love to fuck her so ruf while yu whatching
        Feb 6, 2016
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    Huddersfield, United Kingdom
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    Caucasian (white)
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    5'7" (170cm)
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    Hi we are a married couple in our 30s we have been roleplaying for about 2 years wish we both enjoy i have asked her if she would like to try fucking a different guy for real and she is keen to try but a little nervous too.
    She is a bbw big tits great in bed very pretty looks more like shes in her twenties very sexy curvy lady who in my opinion deserves a varied and free sex life fucking whoever she wants.
    I am very turned on at the thought of her doing this not sure if i am a traditional cuck i am not into the sub stuff i enjoy sex and intend to keep fucking my wife i simply want her to enjoy fucking other men too
    Dnt mind her being with younger bigger or better than me or her teasing me about how good it is but wont be getting shut out.
    Other than that its up to her.. When,where,age,race,1 dick, 10 dicks,long term,one night,what she lets him do are all up to her.
    However im getting ahead of myself as i said were just starting she has body confidence issues which i am working on but she is keen not the kind to just jump into bed with anyone (yet lol)but i feel that given the time she will become the regular hotwife she deserves to be.. so baby steps at moment
    Thanks for reading and any advice will be greatfully recieved.
    P.s. I have put her description above as i feel this will be of more interest than mine lol