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Finding a cuckoldress


Sweet & Cordial
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lit_wite, you might find this blog interesting. Goes into quite a bit of detail on cuckolding, and why a woman's intent might be to marry one man, then cuckolding him.


However, one thing to keep in mind, women don't enter into marital relationships with the intent on eventually cuckolding him. So, its most likely going to initially require you to at least establish an intimate relationship with a woman. Then, you might agree to grant her an "open-marriage" relationship, thus allowing her to pursue other sexual relationships. It still doesn't guarantee that she'll cuckold you with a black male, or that she'll agree to allow you to watch her.
Your desire to find a woman who desires sexual relationships only with black men, is like trying to sell a car to a man who only drives trucks. People don't just enter into marriage with the intent to "cheat".

Enjoy the article ... quite a bit of info there.