excited but a little nervous.

HI folks. New member who is glad to have found this site. I am a just divorced, 34 year old woman. I had my only encounter with black cock last fall. Now to be honest, my marriage already had troubles. However that night was when I decided to end my marriage. It's not just a fetish, I have never been fucked like that. He had an average sized cock but could he use it and it was great. His friend did have a monster and that was even better. Anyway, that was when I decide to go black only which could be tough as I live 3 hours away from men that are,t white. I am a little nervous only because I haven't found anything in my research that doesn't turn me on. Being bred, queen of spades, gangbang, submissive and freakier stuff has me turnd on. Am trying to get the nerve to post a nude pic. I am pretty I think, but don't have the big tits and ass that I hear black men like so I would like to get an honest opinion. Hope to make new friends.


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Welcome to our little dark corner of the we, baby girl! Enjoy exploring all your fantasies and desires! Take your time and don't be afraid to open up(pun intended). As in any relationship you get out if it, what you put into it. :lips:
Other than 10 June weekend, you set the date/! We stay at Double Tree Inn hotel next to Cincy airport!
for the first time would you be cool with just you and one of your studs or you and one of your ladies doing me. gangbangs turn me on but I am very new to this, may have to work into all this.