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Eating discharge


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hehe crazy but my man he alwyas like licking m dirty panties in night when i get my bath he like take my panties an he smelling my juice and licking it. crazy men ya? why man is doing it?
Because men find the scent and flavor of women, most especially the woman he is in love with, intoxicating.
Your pheromones are like a magnetic aphrodisiac that both attract us to you and sexually excite us, causing us to crave physical contact with you. :hot:

Which is why most men dislike perfumes, deodorants and cosmetics as they mask the unique and stimulating natural scent of his woman. Nothing is sexier than the natural perfume of a woman a few hours after she's bathed and her body has had a chance to emit her pheromones. :)
ya my man like me go out no panties an he say his friends an nother men can smell my pussy in the bar but they dont know it an that why they smiling to me an look at me sexy sometime. he say my pussy smell strong sex perfume hehe that why i so horny.
if I got fucked by a big 10 inch black cock, I bet I would cum on his dick so many times. it would be covered in my creamy white pussy cum :p I would be so horny Ill lick it all off. It would be hot to watch a guy lick my dirty panties too