Downtown Denver Domination (About last Night)


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So as you can see from my last status I roamed around downtown the othe day. I had no expectations except to explore.

Nicely dressed and smelling edible (said strangers as I passed by) I kept running across pockets of women together . One group in particular seemed to be just behind me at all times while i walked . Super friendly and they seemed to be girl giggling. Most other groups were out having a "girls night out ". During my stroll I stopped to take a leak (few know what it feels like to have a heavy piece of flesh about to explode ). As I came out of the restaurant said giggly group of 7 women were seemingly waiting for me Diverse group of ladies all super sexy ranging ages . Congregating outside , I walked up to the group and introduce myself. Shook every woman's hand and gave them nice eye contact . I proceed to ask all 7 of then their zodiac signs . Out of the group of 7 there were 2 Ashleys both scorpios 2 Brittanys one with a I the other with a Y born two days apart ,one aquarius one Capricorn stephanie the Taurus Kim and Tiffany Leo and Tammy Aires (the leader). Evidently, they were not on a frivolous girly night out .they were on a mission Tammy explained, they were on a "scavenger hunt" . It sounded convincing in that they all donned black tight clothing with ankle bracelets, toe rings etc that had a spade logo on it(coincidentally they had the same tattoo) . I took it all in as they explained how they love to party and humiliate their significant others. We laughed at each girls "little dick" stories over drinks . We talked about soooo many things . Imagine 7 different personalities wanting your attention and asking questions . I played it cool .
As the vibe was fading , I began thinking I would bid these ladies Adu, then Tammy says " ladies I think I found gold" . All the other ladies laughed and blushed while looking at me . Looking puzzled Tammy turns to me and says " I have a condo downtown where we display our scavenger hunt findings would you like to see it ?" In the back of my mind I'm thinking if these 7 bitches kill me my homies will clown me at the funeral. Nevertheless and against my better judgment we arrived pretty quickly at the spacious swank black and white themed condo . I was escorted to a sort of man cave equipped with everything men love food,liquor, game systems,a stripper pole and wide screen 100 inch TV with the game on. In my head I'm still thinking what a way to die. I proceed to relax when I hear" get comfortable we will be out soon. "*giggles*
I'm on this huge (big enough to fit 8 people on it easily )plush black leather couch with white trim. Time passes , so I ask for the restroom. I'm informed its down the hall. When I come back to the room all 7 are bent over the couch with matching panties that say "bbc only". At this point I'm looking for hidden cameras , Ashton Kutcher ,or expect to be woken up from this great dream . None of the above happens so I proceed to enter the room . They explained that they stalked me and wanted to initiate one of the Brittanys (the one with the Y) into their club. They expounded on how she was a bbc virgin. They also went on to tell me how they could see my bulge through my slacks and how they had been eyeing it the entire time. Feeling godly , I began to unbuckle my pants. Britt stopped me and fell to her knees and begged me to allow her. I allowed it . She pulled it out with some difficulty .Remarks like "I told you so" , "I knew it " be gentle getting it out his pants girl" more giggling came from the group . After a lengthy size admiration. Tammy gave Britt instructions and encouraged her to Remember the videos she showed her on bbc worship. She nodded and began to do what she was taught . A little timid and nervous the other girls cheered her on but an aire of restlessness filled the room. Britt finally admitted that bbc is bigger in person and harder to handle . Tammy instructed to Scorpio to show her a few things ." The first thing" she explained, "bbc have to be wet in order to go down out throats or any hole for that matter." With her mouth she allowed her saliva to run down my dick to my balls where she caught it and glazed my dick again . It's as if her role in the group was the wet maker sort of the fluffer. Tammy was satisfied with shine I was given and told her to sit down. Being faced with preglazed bbc Britt was a little more relaxed but still apprehensive about my balls asking "how do I support his full heavy balls and suck at the time?" Getting a little frustrated she motioned for both Ashleys to take one ball each and show Britt the art of sack support. Both ash's on each one with brit watching (all on there knees).while Tammy instructed the others were fondling each other. Britt feeling a little intimated went back to the couch and masturbated . The other six (Tammy included) continued sucking me at the same time rotating and arguing lol. Calling each other greedy cock whores. It was a feeding frenzy. Being super ready I instructed them to line up on the couch and bend over . Giving them all the same individual attention I gave early ,I inserted in each of them . With their girls cheering them on each woman got twisted in a myriad of positions. Satisfing all the women Britt felt left out. She asked Tammy could she try it. Tammy replied (with my dick in her mouth) take it slow tadpole . One of the other girls licked Britt for a few to get her ready. The other girl being sensitive to womanly things took my dick and put it in like only a woman can and to britti's liking . The other girl pulled me in and out of her. (I couldn't see any of this bc I had someone on my face) Sensing her readiness we all switched position. I laid down they all rode me ,showing her how to safely get on my dick and dismount. They all showed her one by one . Just a quick insert . Tammy told them to show her how . So she watched them all then it was her turn. Before she got on one girl glazed me again to prepare for the tight fit . She got on and marvelEd at how she felt it in her stomach .the others noticed how she creamed within minutes. Cumming everywhere and going through convulsions, Tammy gave Britt a necklace . After some time they all began to beg for my milk . It was in unison their pleading . I sat them all down and sprayed on them all...had been saving it up .They all tried their best to catch it all. Licking it off each others faces . Cum swapping.I was still pretty hard when I told Tammy I had another load . They all said give it to brit . So brit came over I gave her a special gift just for her . Tammy told her to swallow it all . Following her leader she gulped it down . They escorted me to the shower. Huge walkin. We all fit in there . I was washed like a god king . I said bye bye.