1. Anal Training

    Anal Training

    Her husband said she never done anal. You can't tell by the way she cummed and enjoyed herself.
  2. Stretched.


    3rd time lucky!
  3. Omg it’s huge!!!

    Omg it’s huge!!!

    I love him 😍
  4. Thirsty.


    My cute lil 22yr old blonde slut, getting her reward & proving shes an owned collared Queen of Spades in the making.
  5. Feeding time.

    Feeding time.

    Feeding a very hungry hot blonde 22yr old some of this black meat. She said it was the biggest she'd ever had! It certainly filled her up.
  6. Black owned cuck couple knowing there place.

    Black owned cuck couple knowing there place.

  7. IMG_1376.jpg


  8. IMG_1375.jpg


  9. IMG_1374.jpg


  10. IMG_1372.jpg


  11. Me and my nephew plowing some white wife pussy

    Me and my nephew plowing some white wife pussy

    ...Learning the ropes from a bull who knows!
  12. G

    Colorado BBC Training Event

    It's seems someone should organize. Perhaps im that someone. Gathering BBC Bros and their admirers and the BBC curious. I'm a southerner relocating to the rockies. Looking to bring something hard to this place . Super cool location . Better environment.
  13. G

    Downtown Denver Domination (About last Night)

    So as you can see from my last status I roamed around downtown the othe day. I had no expectations except to explore. Nicely dressed and smelling edible (said strangers as I passed by) I kept running across pockets of women together . One group in particular seemed to be just behind me at all...
  14. G

    Denver Women 4 BBC Worship

    It's about to get cold out very soon ....Colorado Springs Aurora Boulder Littleton etc ladies have you found a bbc to satisfy your oral fixation during the cold months ? Now might be a great time to get that slobbering mouth and wet Vagina thing taken care of ..... Yes theRe is something Rock...