1. Jennie bred again by huge bull

    Jennie bred again by huge bull

  2. Jennie BBC wedding 3

    Jennie BBC wedding 3

  3. Jennie BBC wedding 4

    Jennie BBC wedding 4

  4. Jennie BBC wedding 5

    Jennie BBC wedding 5

  5. Jennie BBC wedding 8

    Jennie BBC wedding 8

  6. Jennie BBC wedding blacked

    Jennie BBC wedding blacked

  7. Jennie ready for that bbc!

    Jennie ready for that bbc!

  8. New Dallas Qos

    New Dallas Qos

    36DDD Gorgeous Flat Stomach Milf
  9. Cuckmatchmaker


    Be a lonely cuck wannabe no more!!! Get Advice Speak to Real Queen of Spades Attend Real Events Speed Date, Meat and Greats etc Pm here or kik Gerthvadorbbc
  10. LordGerthVador

    Cuck Speed Date Events

    Are you single? Are you in the lifestyle? Are you a couple looking for a bull? Are you a bull looking for a couple? Are you a wannabe cuck looking to link with a couple? All of us can meet and greet in a social fun environment. Get Acquainted!!! Bulls 40.00 Couples 50.00 Single Ladies 5.00...
  11. 20180107_152019.jpg


    Aussie queen of spades at it again
  12. Tatoo.jpg


  13. QOS Tattoo

    QOS Tattoo

    Testing the water, think I'm gonna get one for real.
  14. LordGerthVador

    Cuckmatchmaking Events

    It seems the word is getting out. More and more wannabes are becoming real cucks. Over 140 men still with their cuck queens to date , its obvious something is being done right. I can come to your city and cuck coach you. I can even put on a nice bbc/qos/cuck event in your area to make your...
  15. SpadesCastle

    Queen of Spades Jewelry

    People have been asking, so I finally got some in stock. Ladies do you wear QoS jewlery in public, what reactions do you get and share your pics of you in your QoS jewelry. I still think most people (even most black men) don't know what it means. Last start a campaign for education! LOL...
  16. LordGerthVador

    Verified verify this guy lol

    Just happened 3:00pm sat10-21-17
  17. qos tattoed slut having some fun

    qos tattoed slut having some fun

    qos tattoed slut having some fun
  18. Jennie sucks his black cock

    Jennie sucks his black cock

  19. suen

    Queen of Spades Tattoo

    Who likes my new tattoo? Will you show me yours?
  20. Jennie spread wide for bbc

    Jennie spread wide for bbc