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Do you think it's better for wives if black lovers are completely naked to have sex?


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Like you know, one of the last times that our black friend fucked my wife, they did it in doggy style. He made Susie cum immediately in the same position that I had not been able to make my wife cum, some hours before.
But this isn't the point.
In that ocasion, when Axel came at our home, I was myself who asked him to fuck Susie in doggy, because I was sure that he would be able to give her a good orgasm in that position.
Axel pulled down his pants and my wife gave him a blowjob to turn him on. When his cock was hard enough to fuck, he indicated Susie put herself in four legs over our bed. When Susie went over our bed, she was already naked.
I thought Axel was going to pull down only his slip, due their sexual urgency, but on contrary, he took out all his clothes, even his sport shoes, being completely naked too.
He didn't need to lick my wife nipples to excite her, or pinch her nipples with his fingers during the fuck to increase her orgasm. All that he needed to do was drill her pussy with his great black cock. My wife obtained an amazing orgasm in a few minutes.
Axel took all his clothes out because he perfectly kows that Susie loves watching him naked. Why? It's simple, because he's black and my wife loves black guys. His black sking turns her on like crazy. Since the first day we were together, she told me that she always had liked brown and black guys. With me she had made an exception due I was a good guy.
So, do you share my wife's opinion about black skin? Do you think it's important that your black man be naked to have sex? axl.jpg
Ideally I prefer when my wife's partially clothed & her bull is completely naked when they fuck. I like him to cum on her rather than in her, & while I've never been allowed to watch them fucking I enjoy seeing the aftermath when he's walking around smiling & unashamedly naked, still semi hard & she's laying on the bed with his cum on her face, opened bra, stockings & skirt. When they do a hotel fuck I love to wait for her in reception knowing her clothes will be splashed with his cum & the hotel staff will know she's been blackfucked & I'm a cuck !