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Do you prefer to have your lovers finish in you rather than on you?

First time with a safely tested Bull has to be inside - so yummy and the feeling is incredible and love having a follow up orgasm while my cuck's tongue is digging deep inside. Future meetings enables creativity between the hotwife and Bull - it makes me incredibly wet to actually have it cover my stomach after pulling out and then have my cuck lick it up from there. He is much more humiliated eating it from my body where it is clearly visible versus my pussy where he gets comfort he is tasting us both:) Again, love the mind fuck of cuckold play and this carries through to the orgasm!
I absolutely love to cum deep inside a woman. It feels so good to thrust as deep as you can and then shoot your cum while she wraps her legs around you and her pussy squeezes your dick. The best part is when you try to pull out and she grips you tight and wont let you go, she knows you are going to cum and she wants it deep inside her.


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I prefer it when a guy finishes inside me, turns me on a lot more. At the swinging club we used originally, the men used condoms and just wasnt the same, almost felt like i was 'cheating' at this lifestyle. When a guy finishes inside you it gives me a really satisfying feeling and i know the guy is content.