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Different reactions...? Why?


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A lot of women (me included) wrap their legs around black male's body during the fuck. I know there are a lot of women wrapping their legs with white men too, but I've noticed there are more women wrapping their legs with black men than white men.
In my experience I ever wraps my legs around my ex black boyfriend's body when we fuck in missionary but I rarely wrap them with my husband. I don't know why...it feels different.

Several girls bbeged black males to be fucked by behind. I was fucked by behind a lot of times by my black friend and in the 99% of them I could get one or more orgasm and I cummed quickly. With my husband I never could get an orgasm in this position.
Moreover, with my black friend I wished fuck standing, in public places, on the floor and into the car and we fucked in these ways. but with my hubby I only wished fuck on bed. I love him and he gives me good orgasms too, but I don't know why with him is different.

At the end I could say that I've watched videos where girls, woman and mature wives begged their black lovers to cum inside from their pussies. I love either my husband or my ex cummed inside me. But I must to admit that I've not watched as many videos where white hubbies cum inside their wive's pussies than videos where bbc cum inside cuckold's wives pussies!
A lot of women enjoy being washed by their black lovers inside their pussies and over the face. I've had not so many cumshots in my face but even my husband made my ex black boyfriend cum over his face!
He never felt excited thinking in men in his past, but when we included my ex in our relationship, my husband felt an incredible excitation watching him fuck me. I'm not sure how many times my husband sucked his cock and all the times I asked about it, he said me that it's his first time doing that and he felt so excited giving him a blow job. He said me that he is not interested in suck another cock than my ex.
Summing up, wrapped legs, quick orgasms, cums inside pussy and over the face, wishes to make differents position and have sex in different places, husbands excited watching how their wives are fucked by black males, and husbands sucked black cocks...! What's going on?

Black males awake primitive and wild instincts? I don't know how give myself an explanation...
What about you?

One Small Dick

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I would say that some of the cuck hubby's want the black man to cum in their wives and the hubby is content not to cum in her. That could be from several different reasons with one being the hubby's quest to be dominated by the black man. If the black man cums in her and then tells the hubby not to then the hubby feels fully submissive and obedient and that provides a special thrill for the hubby.
I would be willing to say that if you took 10 cuck husbands and stripped them down one at a time and ask each one what they thought about a black man cumming in their wives but not letting him cum in his own wife then you could watch each ones little white dick go rock hard right before your eyes just from the question.

As far as sucking his dick that you mentioned, that falls right back into the domination factor. Hubby may want to show he has been sexually beaten out by the black man and what better way to acknowledge that than sucking the dick that just fucked his wife. I am sure there are plenty and many other reasons but that would be just one of them. IMHO.
Since my sexual life began, when I was a teenager, all the times that I had sex in missionary possition, women wrapped their legs around me. You know what I'm talking about because when we had a relationship, everytime we made it in missionary, you looked to wrap your legs around me. I really don't know why women make this with me, perhaps it's my way to move myself during sex.


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Ok that's true, but you should recognize that everytime that I wrapped my legs around your body during missionary sex, you felt a great difference and it made you cum easily. You may be proud of my legs wrapped around you because my husband begged me a lot of times to wrap my legs around him but I don't feel the same sensations. If every women wich you've fucked performed the missionary with you in that way, perhaps it could be because you make us feel the necessity of getting you deeper inside our pussies...

And what about this? How many orgasms do you think she had?http://xhamster.com/movies/198580/p...nterracial_clip_part_i_read_comment_rate.html
From the sound of it you get no sexual enjoyment from your husband. You have no love making passion for him. I say cut him off completely and stick to black! Life is too short to waste your love making time on your husband...