Dangerous or Fun Game?


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Wife sharing; is it a dangerous or fun game? I confess that I share my wife and enjoy it, so here are some of my thoughts on it. I know many men have fantasizes about this, but I assure you many people do it. For one, my wife and I have been comfortable with it. Also, I met one housewife who did it and was on a shopping and “fun” trip to the city with her husband's blessing. I saw a couple ask a guy to join them for a drink after he made a suggestive comment about the wife's attire. I think they were looking for a sharing experience. I think it is safe if you respect your wife. You must be secure in your marriage. You can use it to spice up your lovemaking, before and after the other encounter. You should not try to pressure your wife into doing it; it is best to just tell her that if the occasion comes up and she wants to do it, do it. Then, forget about it. If she wants to and wants to share it with you, she will tell you. I am of the mind that most women will not want to do it. Accept that and move on. I think in some cases, it can save a marriage. I have known several cases where a marriage failed because the wife strayed for sex. If they had an open marriage, would it have helped? Maybe. I think a hot sex life is going to be a plus for a marriage, however you do it. My beautiful wife is the last one you would think who would do something like this. One black lover calls her his "bad girl." She practically had to undress him before he realized she would stray. We realize another danger. The truth always comes out, and this may come out too, even though we are discreet. You have to be able to handle that. Just be careful what you wish for.