Cuckolds, what have you done?

I realize I am not a cuckold but a sharer or swapper, but I am curious about something. I spent last evening primping and pampering my wife. She got a shower were I shaved her legs and her pussy silky smooth. She then got a rub down with some sexy smooth oils. Then I painted her toe nails a bright red. As they dried I rubbed more oil into her belly and tits. For the finally I put her to sleep massaging her scalp.

She thought it was for our date tonight. She was partly right. It was for a date, but not a date with me. She just spent the last two hours doing her hair, getting her sexiest lingerie on under the sexiest red dress. Just before she was done, a knock at the door. It was then she would find out she was going out with a friend of mine. She was excited and disappointed.

Now it's my turn to get ready, one of her friends and I are going out after she gets off work. Here is my question, I had a great time helping her get ready for her date, what are some of the things you have had to do when getting your wives ready for their dates? Or wives, what are some of the things your hubby's do to help get you ready?


Real Person
My wife loves having me help her get ready for her dates. I haven't done anything wild or crazy. Just things like picking out her lingerie and outfit based on her plans for the night. Have also showered and shaved her as well. My personal favorite by the way. Getting her completely bare in all the tight corners of her pussy, knowing it will give her more feeling.

I would have to say, the weird/wildest, which isn't all that wild, was having to shave myself baby smooth and putting on my QoS or JoS tattoo to signify I am hers to take care of her sexual needs. Like I said, not that wild, but fun.
My husband gets to watch once in a while and every once in a while we will do a full swap. As far as things he has done to help get me ready, he has done a few things. Depending on how long it's been since he and I have had sex, I might tease him by sexting something to him at work. I have had him shave his legs and balls, basically everything from the waist down, he loves doing stuff like that. I think the naughtiest thing I have ever had him do was when I had him shave me in the shower, dry me, then had him rub lotion over my naked body. Then I had him rub a light touch of oil on my lips and had him slide his cock inside. Just ad he was about to cum I stopped him. Made him pick out a sexy sassy out fit for me. Then I got dressed and left for my date. Denial is a huge turn on for him and he loved it. When I got home he was so horny he was begging me to let him touch my body.
I am divorced. Due to the army not cuckolding. The freakiest thing I think that we ever did was have her fuck a BBC hours before we were married. I married her while her lovers cum was still in her.

If I were to get married again I think this time I'd want her to spend her first night as my wife with her lover or have a cuckold honeymoon where she stays the first half with him and then I show up and he and I swap out. Maybe two to three weeks so she's with him 7-10 days before I show up.